Hello North Platte Nebraska!!!

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By: Andrea Shea King
Reposted from The Radio Patriot

They came out on this beautiful, warm spring morning at Cody Park to rally with the Tea Party Express. As a flock of geese squawked in a nearby pond, and albino peackocks fanned their feathers, Nebraksan farmers and their wives, men and women from nearby Hershey, veterans of wars and military service came to hear our songs and words of encouragement.

Speaking to fellow Americans

The Pledge of Allegiance

God Bless America, Land That I love…

I shook as many hands as I could — these are the hands of workers, rough and calloused with a grip that means something. We’re all in this fight together. Nebraskans are fed up. Their Senator, Ben Nelson is persona non grata. They are determined to get rid of him. These are folks from our nation’s heartland.

We thank you for coming out this morning. God bless you!

Our friend John Ruberry writes about the history of North Platte’s most famous resident Buffalo Bill Cody. ”This morning at 10:00 am the Tea Party Express III holds a rally in North Platte, Nebraska. And I just happen to have a North Platte post for today; actually this entry is from July 4, 2009, but I’m reposting as a complement to the tea party.” — The Marathon Pundit.

And now, it’s on to Omaha, with a whistle stop first at Exit 314 off I-80 East. On the road again…

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