Stress-Testing America: Finding the Breaking Point

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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Each morning I get up and turn on the news. It’s part of what I do for a living. Every day I stand in wonder of the newest set of items our government is piling on top of the American people in a never-ending quest to find the breaking point of America.

The Stress-Test of America includes:

  • Healthcare has passed and will mean more money deducted from each of our paychecks. Not just for normal health insurance, but unless you opt out, mandated long-term care. Most Americans live on a very tight budget that will not withstand several hundred more a month taken out of it.
  • Unemployment rages on and don’t believe the numbers they toss our way. It is far worse than you think. Glenn Beck accurately predicted that Obama and the government would use the Census workers to lessen the unemployment stats and what do you know? Beck was right again. They’ll also whip up phony jobs with the stimulus funds they can get out there. Just horrid fiction – ask those who have been out of work for two years or so. Those who are good workers but can’t find a job no matter where they go. Those whose families are going hungry and who are losing their homes and everything they have ever worked for. It’s not getting better out there – just more desperate.
  • New taxes are beginning to go into effect. High wage earners will now be taxed at 50%. This is a lie because we are taxed and taxed again over and over to the point of breaking. More taxes are coming for the middle and lower classes as well and just wait until the VAT takes place. The cost of what you buy every day will sky rocket, especially for those who already are out of work or are barely getting by. More hope and change bread lines in our future.
  • Cap and Trade is on its way and you better believe it will go through – even if Barry has to sign executive orders to cram it down our collective throats. Utility bills will double and triple each month for households who already can’t pay the rent or mortgage, put food on the table or buy gas to go to work or find work. Madness… When gas hits between $4 and $8 a gallon this summer, how will we be able to afford driving to our jobs?
  • Illegal immigration will no longer be illegal soon. Obama will make sure that the 10 to 25 million here illegally will be made citizens to ensure their votes. This means fewer jobs, rigged elections, crime – a nightmarish third world environment will emerge in the US as it devolves into a poverty state. But don’t worry… America’s corrupt officials will be well taken care of away from the riff raff of American society.
  • Iran, N. Korea and China would all love a piece of the American pie so-to-speak. So what does our illustrious leader do? He limits our nukes and declares America no longer has a spine. If you were our enemy, what would you do? There are sooo many threats out there from terrorism, to EMPs and nukes, it is hard to not just be dazed by the possibility of impending destruction. And of course today, because we don’t want to hate, our government removed inappropriate terms from the threats list such as ‘jihad’ and ‘radical Islamism.’ They are no longer threats don’t cha know… But there are terms to take their place. Such as: ‘Christian,’ ‘Veteran,’ ‘Gun Owner,’ ‘Patriot,’ ‘Constitutionalist.’ The list on that one goes on and on. This should be of great comfort to those who lost nearly 3,000 friends, associates and loved ones on 9-11. Disgraceful… Yes, the peace-lovers are descending on our military budget to gut it even more so Communism can succeed. Welcome to Amerika comrades!
  • Noises are being made about rewriting the Constitution. Our leaders say it is out of date and needs to be applied to the ‘here and now.’ Don’t fix what isn’t broken. The original Constitution is what this country lives and breathes on and of course the enemies from within know this. The race is on to destroy our foundation. Just. Plain. Evil.
  • Our government has nationalized the banks, student loans, the auto industry and soon the insurance companies and the Internet. Communists, Marxists and Socialists rule the country now and are destroying it at a break-neck pace. Unions wield their power and influence like Thor’s hammer and bludgeon any who would oppose or stand in the way of their ‘Workers of the World Unite!” motto. And our President was raised and cared for in the loving arms of a Socialist/Marxist family. His socialist ties run very deep indeed and the lies to cover this are too numerous to list here.

And there is much, much more going on that heralds the unraveling of America.

How much more can Americans take? What will be the straw that breaks America’s back and will? Will it be martial law, hunger or violence or all of the above? In our household, we have a term for someone who keeps prodding someone else until they come unglued – ‘poking the badger.’ Well, I think that applies here…

Americans just want to be free. To work and raise their families. To have a home and a good life. Now we face poverty, enslavement and perhaps death. All because of the choices we have collectively made or failed or make – the individuals we have allowed to rise to the top and now control America are the ones we either chose or just let carry out their evil agendas because we were too busy just trying to live.

Now America must pay the price. How long do we let this go on before we stop it? Personally, I don’t think we have three more years. I don’t think we even have a year if Obama keeps to his agenda and so far there is no one to stop him but a very few. And if he gets his way, Obama will silence those like Beck and bloggers who stand against him.

I wonder what Cloward and Piven would think of America’s current breaking point… How do you like the brave, new world we face?

3 thoughts on “Stress-Testing America: Finding the Breaking Point

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  2. This tax disaster must be stopped… In regard to the long term care, I thought that was OPTIONAL–Here’s hoping it is–I have excellent Long Term Care insurance through my employer for which I pay 100% of the premium, which is less than $100/month, and premiums cannot be raised. Leave it to PRIVATE enterprise–I’ve already read that the government offered insurance will cost many times the amount of my current plan.

    November can’t come soon enough for me.

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