Attention Michiganders and those with family/friends in Michigan

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From: Andrea Shea King

An alert just released from our Tea Party Express Media Communications Department on the Red Bus:

Dear (Michigan Pro-Life Organization),

Greetings my name is Mark Lewis and I am part of the media/communications team working with the official Tea Party Express ( and I am writing your local Michigan pro-life organization because we URGENTLY need your help!

In just two days the massive Tea Party Express III tour will be rolling through Michigan in an effort to ensure that failed Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak is held accountable for his dishonest and cowardly actions that resulted in a late night, closed door and completely secretive House vote on the health care bill that the vast majority of Americans DO NOT WANT. It was signed into law a week ago. The 2,000+ page bill is wrought with loopholes that would allow the government to subsidize abortion using our tax dollars! Stupak’s refusal to stand by his pro-life principles (which he ran on in multiple elections!) is cause for immediate action to ensure that Michigan and the rest of the United States send a message that principles come before party.

We NEED your organization to be present in full force at these Michigan rallies on Saturday because the corrupt deal he struck by Stupak only hours before the final House vote puts the pro-life movement in Michigan in serious jeopardy. The consequences of allowing a Bart Stupak another term in office would be catastrophic.

We have begun a $200,000 radio and television ad campaign airing throughout Michigan. The television ads are garnering a tremendous amount of interest appearing on CNN, MSNBC, and FOXNEWS. The ads spotlight Stupak’s utter abandonment of his core campaign platform which consisted of a “strong pro-life” stance.

In 2010, the Tea Party Express is working around the clock to ensure that pro-abortion, tax and spend progressives, and big government liberals are voted out and replaced with those individuals who share our country’s values including the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

(Michigan Pro-Life Group) it is absolutely imperative that EVERY active member along with any American who stands for our cause come to these family-friendly rallies and make your voices heard.

Saturday we will send Bark Stupak a strong message that his recent talks of retirement (since rescinded) mean nothing because the voters of Michigan will exercise their right to give him his walking papers come November 4, 2010.

We are counting on (Michigan Pro-Life Group) and other local pro-life organizations to mobilize and make the small sacrifice of a Saturday so that our commonly shared values can never again thwarted by a politician who is willing to sell his soul to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid dictatorship.

The mainstream media will be there covering the Michigan rallies from start to finish. Approximately 35,000 people attended the launch of this tour featuring Sarah Palin yet MSNBC and CNN “approximated” crowds of 5,000 to 8,000. This WON’T happen again because of your attendance!

Please call any time day or night with questions you may have. If you can bring packed buses and caravans of pro-life Americans, the staff and I will help with any logistical worries. The six rallies held Saturday will be a record for the Tea Party Express! We welcome your presence as the tour progresses and continues to gain momentum until he arrive in Washington D.C. Saturday is THE day to ensure that what you are fighting for daily stops the inevitable and begins again the battle to procure unborn babies the right to life.


Mark B. Lewis
Tea Party Express (
Associate, Media & Communications
(408) 644-5114
Email: [email protected]


STOP 1: Cheboygan, MI

Saturday, April 10th at 8:00am

Rally Location:
Washington Park, Downtown Cheboygan
124 N. Main Street
Cheboygan, MI 49721

STOP 2: Petoskey, MI

Saturday, April 10th at 10:00am

Rally Location:
Emmet-Charlevoix County Fairgrounds
1129 Charlevoix Avenue
Petoskey, MI 49770

STOP 3: Traverse City, MI

Saturday, April 10th at 11:40 am

Rally Location:
Grand Traverse Civic Center Pavilion
1213 W Civic Center Dr
Traverse City, MI 49686

STOP 4: Big Rapids, MI

Saturday, April 10th at 3:00pm

Rally Location:
14905 220th Avenue
Big Rapids, MI 49307

STOP 5: Grand Rapids, MI

Saturday, April 10th at 4:15 pm

Rally Location:
Riverside Park (Band shell)
2401 Monroe Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

STOP 6: Lansing, MI

Saturday, April 10th at 7:15 pm

Rally Location:
Michigan State Capitol
100 North Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

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