One thought on “Michele Bachman On Obama’s Nuke Policy: Its reprehensible & Morally Bankrupt

  1. I am a conservative democrat and I agree with Michelle Bachman’s comments on the President’s nuclear weapons policy. We all hope that nuclear weapons do not have to be used but the fact that we have them and can effective use them serves as an overwhelming deterrent to our enemies to attack us. If a soldier couldn’t pull the trigger on his weapon, he wouldn’t be a soldier or alive very long. This “nuclear free” idealistic crap is totally unrealistic. there will be and already are terrorist nations seeking to develop and use nuclear weapons. As long as your enemies have a gun, you need a gun. It is just common sense. Ther are instances (World war II) where a madman and his allies had to be stopped. More lives were saved in the long run by using the atomic weapons. This scenario could play out again with a terroist nation using chemical or biological weapons against us. Stop them with nukes or the threat of using them instead of fight 10 years of a costly senseless ground war.

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