The Short List of Candidates to Replace Justice Stevens

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By: Snarky Basterd
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Justice John Paul Stevens, the longest-serving member of SCOTUS, is retiring to the old-old folks home. It’s probably about time he hangs up his robe anyway, if he can still remember where to find it. George Burns said sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope; I would imagine that interpreting the Constitution at age 90 is like trying to throw a baseball when you’re the wrong president.

It’s a tough age. My grandma’s 90, and her biggest obsession is worrying about how much nothing works as well as it used to. (Hell, I’m in my 40s and I know that already.) Then again, my Dad’s dad was still delivering the mail at 90 — driving down the road at 15 mph and pissing off every person in upstate New York, all of them getting stuck behind his stationwagon, the line of cars sometimes seeming to back all the way up to the Tapanzee.

It’s probably good timing for Justice Stevens to step down, anyway. It will give the ADHD-addled Liar in Chief something else to do, since he seems to hop from issue to issue to issue like a rabbit with a harem. It’ll also give the talking heads something to talk about, who pResident Barack Obama will probably nominate. Allow me to jump the gun, and give you the likely short list of candidates.

1. Oprah. She doesn’t have a law license, but in the Obama Regime, why let qualifications get in the way? The Puffer in Chief owes her. She coined the term “The One.” She’s probably half the reason he’s in office right now, well maybe only 10 percent if you remember the MSM inserted their heads so firmly inside Obama’s colon they extracted enough Obamalove to smear on the voters. Still, Oprah could be Zero’s one. She’s retiring from TV, needs something to do, and has a marker to call in. Besides, I hear Obama needs to find a place for her since her tryst with him and Mobama isn’t working out.

2. Janet Napolitano may be among the list of candidates, but then again I hear Obama wants to nominate a woman.

3. Joe Biden. If Zero doesn’t go the route of nominating a woman to the bench, where else could Joey Mumbles do more harm? Also, Joey’s twice been under the knife for brain aneurysms, and the last time the doctor accidentally cut the nerve leading to Joey’s manhood, effectively rendering him a woman. Furthermore, the Obama Regime won’t be complete until a Supreme Court justice mentions the words “This is a big fuckin’ deal” on camera. And finally, after Zero’s healthcare “victory,” Obama certainly has been throwing his weight around like someone who doesn’t need an insurance policy.

4. Michelle Obama. Sources say RuPaul would top this list, because Obama really wants to appoint a transgender justice, but shehe doesn’t have a law license. Then again, neither does Mobama since she “voluntarily” surrendered her law license in 1993. But she does have experience denying people healthcare, a big bonus since Obama may have to fight an eventual challenge to Obamacare in the Supreme Court. She may also fit the transgender prerequisite.

5. Barack Obama. Is it any surprise? Last time we looked, Barack Obama was an expert on everything. Already the CEO of GM, the nation’s chief nuclear expert, our Physician in Chief, top insurance expert, head apologist, and top economist (no doubt I’m leaving out many of his other areas of expertise), the pResident has to occupy his time with something other than … being president.

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