Financial News Update – 04/10/10

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Prison in Store for Obamacare Offenders

VAT to Follow Obama’s Spending Spree

Fannie, Freddie Finally the Focus of Crisis Commission

Please Don’t Feed the Animals (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

How ObamaCare will make things worse

Up Next for Obama… Financial Reform


Property Tax Rebellion Brewing After Real Estate Collapse. Here is my prediction on how this will play out: Property values will eventually drop by 50% in most of the more populous states. Assessed valuations eventually drop correspondingly, but only after a public uproar and some foot-dragging. Tax revenues will decline. State legislatures will respond, increasing property tax rates by 100%. Net result: The politicians still get their money.

Total Fed Credit: A Credit to Fed Stupidity (The Mogambo Guru)

The Fed’s Shell Game Continues…

Thanks to Greenspan and Bernanke the Next Crisis Could be Even Scarier

How the Wall Street Crash Changed America Forever

Notes From Jim Sinclair’s Toronto Seminar

Shadow Government Statistics Hyperinflation Special Report (Update 2010)

BLS Releases Latest Jobs Openings Data, Number of Unemployed People Per Open Spot Increases in February to 5.5. (Some “recovery”!)

Hard-Core Financial Preparedness

Actual March unemployment 21.7%. (“March Employment Gain of 162,000 Was 114,000 Net Result of Temporary Census Hiring.”)

Petrol $9.00 a gallon in UK. Thankfully that is per Imperial gallon (1.2 US gallons) but that still works out to $7.67 per gallon.

Santelli: $4 Gas, $150 Oil Coming this Summer

Unemployment Benefits Expire for Thousands

The Line Of Doom (The Mogambo Guru)

About this time, as part of my Official Mogambo Duties (OMD) here on this planet you call Earth to improve the species by weeding out the unfit, I usually take the time to gently tell you that unless you prove your intelligence by buying gold, silver and oil to protect yourself against the massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting inflation in prices that is coming as a result of the massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting inflation in the money supply that is coming as a result of the loathsome Federal Reserve creating so much massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting money (so as to fund Obama’s massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting $1.6 trillion budget-deficit, with trillions more to come), then there is something very, very wrong with you and you should not have any children.

What Does it Mean to be Middle Class in 2010?

UK: High Earners Hit As 50% Tax Goes Ahead

Initial Jobless Claims Increase Unexpectedly

Oil Down to Near $85 as Two-Month Rally Stalls

Broke Icelanders Opt for Exile

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