Stupak Saves Tea Party $200,000

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Stupak Saves Tea Party Movement $200,000

Congressman Bart Stupak has been insisting that the Tea Party Express’s $250,000 campaign to “Defeat Bart Stupak” had nothing to do with his forced retirement. In an interview with Fox News, Stupak said he was proud of himself for “sucking dry” the treasury of the tea party movement.

But Stupak showed his ignorance and arrogance. In fact, by announcing his retirement in the middle of our “Defeat Bart Stupak” campaign, Stupak allowed us to halt the purchase of additional TV and radio airtime for our ads. Thus, as Congressional Quarterly reported, we’d only spent $50,000 in our campaign and has allowed us to save $200,000 to use against other failed incumbents in Congress.

Here were Stupak’s comments made yesterday:

“If anything I just made the tea party people spend a lot of money that wasn’t necessary on all these ads they have to run against me so they can’t use it on anyone else. So I’ll take credit for sucking their treasury dry.”

And here is the link to the Congressional Quarterly article:

Here’s the video clip:

Well guess what Mr. Stupak, you’re a real genius!

You see, by running in fear from the campaign being waged against you – while we were still in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in the middle of our TV & radio ad campaign – you’ve allowed us to stop the campaign against you with only $50,000 of the $250,000 having been spent. You can see the report from Congressional Quarterly – HERE, we’d only spent $50,000 by the time you made your announcement.

Congressman Stupak: you are as ignorant as you are arrogant. You could have kept your mouth shut another week or so and truly drained the tea party movement’s treasury dry.

To our supporters in the tea party movement: let’s keep this up. We’re about to announce our giant 2010 Election Targets on April 15th. Let’s fatten up the tea party campaign treasury so that Bart Stupak’s friends in Congress can join him in the retirement home playing checkers and watching the soon-to-be-elected constitutionalist conservatives in Congress on C-SPAN taking our country back!

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