Nuclear Week: It’s Time to Open Yucca Mountain!

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People have asked me why I support Yucca Mountain. And as the only candidate running for Nevada governor from either party who supports Yucca Mountain, this is a question that deserves a good explanation.

Yucca Mountain represents a safe opportunity to start a new industry in Nevada akin to gaming or mining. The project will not be a dump; in fact up to 95% of used nuclear fuel can be reprocessed. Yucca Mountain will be the leading reprocessing center in America.

Nuclear energy is the future of clean energy. Nevada must be on the forefront of nuclear energy to create long term jobs and economic benefits for the state.

Every day this week I announced videos, endorsements, and petitions as part of the my campaign’s Nuclear Week. I hope you will check my website to watch videos about where my opponents stand, the economic benefits of opening Yucca Mountain, and an in-depth interview with the former Chief Scientist of Yucca Mountain, Dr. Michael Voegele.

You can find more information about my campaign for Nevada governor at

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