Financial News Update – 04/19/10

Democrats Seize on Financial Oversight After Goldman Suit

Obama’s health reform isn’t modeled after Heritage Foundation ideas

Wind energy decision carries political impact

Side Effects: The Doctor Is NOT In

The Obama Budget Plan: Taxes and Rationing

House and Senate Cloakroom: April 19 – 23

They’re Clipping Your Dividends (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Exclusive: Beware Greeks Bearing Debts

Rogers: Goldman May Fuel 20 Percent Market Tumble

Buffett Takes $1 Billion Hit as SEC Charges Goldman Sachs

Paulson’s Hedge Fund Made Billions on Subprime Crisis

EPA Contest Seeks Videos Promoting Government Regulations (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

New Yorkers Brace for First Doorman Strike in Two Decades

Faith-based Marketing: GOV’T MOTORS goes to church to sell cars

GOP: Hidden Motive in Goldman Case


George Soros Warns that the EU May Collapse.

14 Pieces of Really Bad News for the U.S. Economy

U.S. shuts eight more banks; 50 total have been closed this year.

Consumer Mood Unexpectedly Worsens in April

US Housing Starts Up

Bill to Restore Jobless Aid Clears Senate Hurdle

Pensions Crisis “Threatens Entire UK Economy”

$4.00 Gas by the End of 2010?

U.S. Military Warns of Oil Shortage by 2015.

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