POLL: Harry Reid Reid Trails Conservative By 11%

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Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada), currently trails Conservative Republican Sharron Angle by 11% according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll.

This is fantastic news! So often we hear from the political establishment and the media about why we shouldn’t nominate conservative candidates, because they can’t win in the general election. People have even tried to say this about Sharron Angle.

But these new poll numbers prove that a true conservative CAN WIN!

Folks, we can win this historic campaign, and elect a Conservative Republican to replace Harry Reid! We just need your help.

As we’ve announced, we are trying to raise $100,000 by next week for the launch of our first round of TV and radio ads in support of Sharron Angle’s campaign. Early voting in the primary begins next month, so we must act now!

So far we’ve raised a little over $40,000 towards that goal. You can help us not only reach, but surpass our goal, and go full-steam for Sharron Angle by making a contribution to this effort, even if you’ve already contributed once before.

Please contribute to our campaign supporting Sharron Angle – HERE.

You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed $5,000 contribution. Contribute whatever you can afford. We’re looking for another 334 people who can afford a contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more.

To contribute – JUST CLICK HERE.

Or mail in a contribution payable to “Tea Party Express” to our headquarters:

Tea Party Express
ATTN: Sharron Angle for Senate
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814

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