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From: Doris Wise Montrose

Children of the Jewish Holocaust Survivors
Working to ensure that Never Again remains more than a mere slogan


“The world at large has seen a public humiliation and rebuke of the State of Israel go unanswered.”

Sunday, April 25, 2010
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Israeli Consulate
New York City
2nd Avenue
between 42nd and 43 Sts.

Stand for a United Jerusalem! Rally in Solidarity with Israel, to insist on respect from the Obama Adminstration as a nation among nations!

Protest the Obama Administration’s scapegoating of Israel as the sole entity blocking a successful War on Terror, and the accusations of making the Middle East more dangerous to US troops.

From the President to Secretary of State Clinton to David Axelrod to the White House spokesmen, this Administration:

– has treated the elected Prime Minister of Israel with disrespect not meted out to any other leader of any country
– Is attempting to overturn the will of the Israeli People who voted for him and his coalition partners. Most Israelis view this — and rightly so — as a belittlement not only to their sovereignty, but also to their right to determine who their leaders should be.

We call on Jewish Leadership to rebuke the Obama Administration for this treatment of Israel. The silence of the established Jewish organizations is unacceptable. It takes little courage to meet with other leaders behind closed doors.

The world at large has seen a public humiliation and rebuke of the State of Israel go unanswered. Unless it sees a profoundly public rebuke of such treatment, it will assume that such humiliating treatment of Jews and the Jewish State are now acceptable. The world needs to see that Israel, its representatives and the Jewish People will not tolerate that which no other nation or community would tolerate.

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors(CJHS)

Sponsored by Jewish Action Alliance & endorsed by:

ACT Manhattan
Marion J. Adler, Holocaust Survivor of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp
AISH Center
Alliance for Interfaith Resistance, Stuart Kaufman, Executive Director
American Indian Intellectuals Forum, Narain Kataria, President
Americans for a Safe Israel
Boker Tov Boulder
Center for Policy Research in American EducatioArtists 4 Israel
Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Doris Wise Montrose, President
Center for Policy Research in American Education (CPR), Irene Alter, President
Gary Bauer, American Values
Joy Brighton, Stop Shariah Now
Dr. Phyllis Chesler, The Phyllis Chesler Organization
Fumio Taku of Christians and Jews United for Israel
Coalition for Israel, Howard Weber, President
Crown Heights Women for the Security and Integrity of Israel, Tamar Adelstein, Coordinator
Mallory Danaher, Director, David Horowitz Freedom Center
Eagles’ Wings Ministries
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, Director, American Center for Democracy
Rev. Michael Faulkner, New Horizon Church
Dr. Joseph Frager, Chairman, Jerusalem Reclamation Project
Free Church for China, Ann Noonan, Director
Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)
Pamela Hall, New York – United America Committee
Rabbi Jon Hausmann
Hindu Human Rights Watch
Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Human Rights Coaltion Against Radical Islam (HRCARI)
Global Security Council, Tom Trento and Lori Averick
Israel Day Concert in the Park, Dr. Joseph Frager, Organizer, Dr. Paul and Drora Brody, Chairpersons
Dr. Charles Jacobs, President, Americans for Peace and Tolerance
Jewish Political Education Foundation, Milt Mitzner, President
Andrea Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition
James Lafferty, chairman and founder of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force
Dr. Michael Ledeen, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Esther Levens, President, Unity Coalition for Israel
Dr. Herbert London, President, The Hudson Institute
Manhigut Yehudit USA
George Maragos, Nassau County Comptroller
Lori Lowenthal Marcus
Steve Malzberg, Radio Talk Show Host
Faith McDonnell, Director, Religious Liberty Programs, The Institute on Religion and Democracy
Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
Joan Peters, author, From Time Immemorial
Dr. Daniel Pipes
Republican Jewish Coalition
Glenn Richter and Hillary Markowitz, AMCHA, Coalition for Jewish Concerns
Susan Rosenbluth, Editor, Jewish Voice and Opinion
Rev. Lou Sheldon
Curtis Sliwa, Guardian Angels
Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Rev. Robert Stearns
Sarah N. Stern, Founder and President, Endowment for Middle East Truth
Stop Islamization of America Now, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer
Rabbi Norman Strickman, Rabbi Emeritus, Marine Park Jewish Center and Professor of Judaic Studies, Touro College.
Lt. Col. Allen West
David White, Congress On Racial Equality (CORE), New Jersey
Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, CUNY Trustee
Women’s Freedom Women of Pakistan, Karen Khan, founder
Women United: Code Red
World Committee for the Land of Israel, Rabbi David Algaze, President; Dr. Joseph Frager, Chariman of the Board, Dr. Paul Brody, VP/Treas.; Dr. Steven and Odeleya Jacobs; Elie Herz, Dr. David Hurwitz, Vice Presidents
Zionist Organization of America, Morton A. Klein, President
Z Street


Jewish Action Alliance
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite B216
New York, NY 10001
(212) 726-1124
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