Lindsey Graham Wants to Increase Your Gasoline Tax

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Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques


A message to all Americans:

Senator Graham (R-SC) is on the verge of introducing legislation with Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts that will dramatically increase taxes on gas, diesel, and other transportation fuels. Senator Graham believes that new gas taxes that force you to pay more and drive less will allow him and Senator Kerry to regulate the Earth’s temperature.

Higher gas and diesel taxes will kill jobs all across America. They will do nothing to regulate the Earth’s temperature. But these taxes will raise the price of a gallon of gas for everyone who drives. Fuel costs are a factor in virtually everything we buy. For example, food will become more expensive because the costs of transporting foods will dramatically increase. For those who drive great distances in rural parts of the country, the costs they will have to pay from a gas tax increase will be even greater.

Everyone will feel the pain of higher gas taxes.

But you can do something about it. This legislation is not being introduced until next Monday, April 26th.

If you are prepared to pay dramatically more for every gallon of gas because you believe that Senator Graham and Senator Kerry know how to control the Earth’s temperature, call Senator Graham and let him know you stand with him.

But if you believe that Senator Graham is making a big mistake, please call him now and urge him to withdrawal his support from this job killing legislation.

Please call one of Senator Graham’s offices now and urge him to withdraw his support for higher gas taxes:

Upstate: 864-250-1417
Piedmont: 803-366-2828
Midlands: 803-933-0112
Golden Corner: 864-646-4090
Lowcountry: 843-849-3887
Washington Office: 202-224-5972
Pee Dee: 843-669-1505

Senator Graham needs to hear from people like you before he makes a terrible mistake. Our jobs and the future of our economy are at stake.

(This letter is edited from Paul Revere’s Riders).

How a Senator or Congress Member votes affects all states, regardless of the state he/she represents.

After all, they are Federal Employees, and we pay their salaries and benefits with our hard-earned tax dollars.

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