Financial News Update – 04/24/10

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Giannoulias family’s Broadway Bank fails

Death watch at Broadway Bank


Obama to host Muslim entrepreneurship summit (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Catherine w/Alex Jones – Shifting to a New Investment Model (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

GM’s Plan: Using Govt $ to pay back Govt $ to get more Govt $

Report: ObamaCare will be a total disaster

GILROY: This land is your land; this land is my land (Hat Tip: Carolyn Cooke)

Shortsighted to oppose bank tax, IMF warns (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Snowe may give Dems financial regulation vote

Greece races for rescue, some fear not enough

Senators postpone climate bill unveiling

ESCAPE: Australia tightens rules for foreign property buyers

FDIC shuts down 7 banks in Illinois

Obama Friend’s Bank Shut Down

Taxes May Be Down, But For How Long?

E-Mails Expose Gloating Goldman Execs

Obama Says Financial Overhaul Will End Bailouts


Government goes high-tech to redesign $100 bills. RBS warns that with each currency change, there is the risk of the advent of a blocked currency. “That is where there is one variety of note for Domestic use only and one species for foreign use.” JWR Adds: It is noteworthy that U.S. Postal Service Money Orders are already marked “Valid only in the U.S. and Possessions.” Currency controls are coming, folks!

Greek debt crisis gets worse as EU revises figures

If The US Economy Falls Will It Result In A Complete And Total Collapse Of Society?

Enjoy The Recovery While it Lasts, Inflation, Global Conflicts are Coming

Summer Fuel Price Outlook

US Faces Second Lost Depression, Why This Recession Is Different And What To Do About It

Escalating Greek Default Fears Rock Europe’s Debt Markets

Insight’s into America’s Disneyland and Our “Neo-Feudalistic, Gulag Casino Economy”

Wholesale Prices Rise in March as Food Costs Jump

The IRS Goes Clubbin’

The Grudge Match Over Your 401(k)

Peak Phosphorus, and Why It Matters

US to Shine Light on Derivatives Trading

Next Bubble: $600 Trillion?

IMF Trims Estimate of Losses From Financial Crisis

The Great Debate: Are Stocks Overpriced?

More Downside Risk Ahead for Oil and Gold

Home Sales Rise as Unemployment Claims Fall

GM Repays $8.4 Billion Bailout in Full. Oh but wait… GM Used Bailout to Repay TARP Loans, Senator Says

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