Political Activism – the San Francisco Treat

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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Will there be an SEIU beat down? Will there be pictures? Waiting…

What would a trip to San Francisco be without a welcome basket of fruits, nuts and radicals? Zombie has a new service to offer that is brilliant! Take a different kind of vacation this year… Instead of Disneyland, go to San Francisco where you can get a look closeup at radicals, pervs and wackos! Make sure you bring your cameras and tennis shoes kiddies – it’ll be more fun than you can shake a, well, you know what at… 8)

Zombietime – Zomguide – Walking Tour of San Francisco Protests

But wait, there’s more! View real hatemongers in their natural habitat – the streets of San Francisco. Tea Party haters, environmentalists, the more ‘public’ side of: homosexuality, sexual perversion, nudity (take your pick), union thugs, Communists/Maoists/Socialists/Marxists (any ‘ists or ‘isms that you can think of as long as they are evil or perverse or both), and the list goes on…

Your Zomguide will take your hand and lead you through a wonderland that used to be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, but now is overrun by the dregs of the earth. See your future in real time if Obama/Pelosi/Reid get their way! Of course they’ll be at their estates and vineyards – they don’t mingle with the rabble don’t cha’ know, but they are there for you at a distance!

A sample political tour includes:

✦ 12:00pm 1. Rally Against Carbon Trading
✦ 1:00pm 2. SEIU Immigration Amnesty Protest
✦ 1:30pm 3. “Block That Tea Party” meeting
✦ 4:00pm 4. San Francisco Tax Day Tea Party

Climate justice, social justice, economic justice – justice for all dude, where justice means Marxism that is.

But there are good people in San Francisco too that just want to reclaim their once great and sane city along with their Constitutional freedoms.

If you hadn’t guessed, Zombie is playing with satire here. But the post is terrific and the photography is fabulous as usual. When you realize this is where Pelosi is from, it starts to make a sick kind of sense. I’m still convinced there is a doorway to hell there somewhere…

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