Becoming an Alternative Transformer

By: MJ

Since last July I have been trying to understand why the Supreme Court did not hear the case about the Chrysler bankruptcy last June, which was one of the first major events in the transformation of America.

In the process, I joined several online groups and I called Congress members many times and the White House to express my opinion on various issues and legislation. But those efforts appear to be in vain, especially if you have a progressive senator that also works for the Apollo Group like I do.

I decided that in order to make an impact at the local level, I needed to do more than attend a Tea Party. I needed to engage in community organizing or learn to become an alternative transformer because as Glenn Beck says:

WE ARE THE KEY. WE MUST grab our friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, church congregation members, clients, customers, suppliers, employees at, and small business owners of businesses we frequent, and even the individual (if they’re American citizens) on the customer service/tech support line who just helped us with our problem…we must get ALL WHO WILL LISTEN to …..get them involved in the 2010 election cycle, and once you’ve identified, recruited, and educated them, to the best of your ability, you must train them to work with you to ensure that Principled Constitutionalist Patriots are elected this year, whenever possible, and where not possible, THIS CYCLE, the best option available. Then ENSURE the right candidates are available in 2012.

But working in the election process is not the only thing we can do. We can choose to support those industries that are independent of the government. We can question with boldness those non-profit groups that accept our donations.

We received another solicitation in the mail today for the United Way so I called their office to remove our name from that mailing list since we already donate.

I wanted to know if the United Way was giving to Acorn in our area because I had learned that the United Way in Minnesota is giving directly to ACORN. The person I spoke with said that, according to the list, they are not giving money to Acorn. I informed him that Acorn could be represented by a variety of names and they often change their name. The gentleman was able to direct me to a file with the names of organizations that this particular United Way supports so that I could download the list from their website,

Their website looks different than the last time I visited it and now it looks very much like it has the influence of Barack Obama. He told me to look on the left menu and click on “Agenda for Change.” I made a mental note of that menu heading – AGENT Of CHANGE – hmmm – change– where have I heard that before?

As we discussed the organizations that the United Way supports, he said that the list included many organizations that support social service programs that help a variety of social groups. I said there are many types of social justice groups, but that there were also ecological and economic justice groups. They are all threatening our freedom. I told him there are churches involved in social justice and those churches need to stop funding and supporting social justice too. I told him that we have to stop funding organizations that are for social justice to preserve our freedom.

The gentleman on the phone said the United Way gives to social organizations that relate to Health and Human Services and I asked if that meant it went through the office of HHS Secretary Sebelius. He didn’t exactly answer that question.

A few weeks ago I heard on the radio that if anyone wanted to volunteer to distribute fliers for the census to call the United Way. I called a couple of times and was dismissed politely. Then I decided to pose as a prospective volunteer. This time I was able to speak to someone who said that they were simply organizing the volunteers for the government census project.

So while I was on the phone today I asked again about the United Way supporting the government census. He said he would have to direct me to another office for that information. I will have to call the United Way again about this and another question that I still have. My plan also includes looking up all those organizations on the United Way list and finding out more about them.

Next on my list was to call the American Federation of Teachers, since an article appeared today about them funding ACORN. I said I was calling to complain and they put me through to several different offices to get to the spokesperson. They wanted my name and I told them I was a teacher too.

I told them I had heard they were funding ACORN and asked if that was true. She said “We have given to ACORN because we might need their help.” They help the teachers and there are some who volunteer in the classroom, etc. and we want their help because they share our ideas.” My response was that teachers are very capable and there are parents who would be willing to help.

I was angered by her response and asked what was the NEA doing putting a book on their website by Saul Alinsky for all the teachers to read? She said thank you and hung up.

Every parent should be outraged at this spokesperson’s response. Call your local school and ask about the union that has organized the teachers.

Here is the contact information for the American Federation of Teachers:

American Federation of Teachers
555 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington DC 20001


Next on my list was to call the local American Federation of Teachers to complain. The person I needed to speak with was on the phone, so I asked the person on the phone a couple of questions. This school district and one other suburban school are members of The American Federation of Teachers and the rest of the schools are unionized by the National Education Association. So all the school superintendents in our area will be getting a call from me tomorrow.

National Education Association

Remember….you can make a difference!


Don’t forget to PRAY, don’t forget to LIVE YOUR LIFE AS YOU KNOW YOUR CREATOR EXPECTS YOU TO LIVE, so that we qualify for His blessings, His providential aid, on our behalf, on America’s behalf!

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  1. You are a true patriot! Keep up your due- diligence—-I am trying to make a difference in Arizona/

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