2 thoughts on “What is “Shrugging Out” all about?

  1. I am one of the dependents. I am disabled and living on private disability insurance. I moved furniture for 26 years, paid my taxes and played by the rules. Why do I not feel like apologizing and why must you make a moral judgement and engage in some sort of blame game?
    The medicare/social security problem is largely demographic. The debt problem is different. They are deliberately destroying the economy. I’m glad you think we might have 5 to 10 years, that’s a rosy forecast in my book.

  2. “Co-dependency” is much older than the Wilson administration. It was no less than Rudyard Kipling who wrote a poem called “The Peace of Dives” way back in the 1800s, in which he described the idea of getting all the nations economically interdependent and *in debt* to each other as a means of preventing war. He himself wised up in a few years, as his later fiction and poetry reveal.

    What a pity that the Parlor Pinks of his time and later picked up on “The Peace of Dives” but didn’t catch his later understanding.

    –Leslie Fish <

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