Financial News Update – 04/27/10

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S&P Slashes Portugal’s Ratings, Downgrades Greece to Junk


Doubts intensify

Spreads to Portugal

Orszag warns of danger

Thousands Of NJ Students Walk Out To Protest Budget Cuts

Deficit panel leader says Obama will OK findings

Senate GOP blocks action on financial regulation bill again

Pataki Says Obamacare Can Be Repealed (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Unbelievable: Obama’s Budget Director: Powerful Rationing Panel Will Control Health Care Levels . . . “Advisory Board’s Proposals Take Effect Automatically” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Democrats, undaunted, keep focus on Wall Street

EDITORIAL: Meltdown of the climate-change bill

Next in health care war: Applying the law

The PIIGS are Eating Our Money

Germany, France press Greece over austerity measures

Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues

Government Unions Are the Big Winners in Obama Economy

Side Effects: Special Treatment for Congress

VAT Finds Favor with Debt Commission Co-Chairman Bowles

Democrats Kill Financial Reform Loophole Pushed By Buffett

Economists: Obama Stimulus, Jobs Bill Didn’t Help Recovery

What Lies Beneath (Hat Tip: Kim Priestap)

Bloomberg’s Offshore Millions (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Glenn Beck Radio: Obama, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs and the CCX trading scheme (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Euro Gold and the Euro Zone

Obama Admin Buried Report on Cost of ObamaCare Until After Vote (Hat Tip: WhenIfHow)

POLL: Most Greeks disapprove of EU/IMF aid deal

Transport on strike as anger grows

Greece, Portugal Lead Stock Declines on Contagion Concern

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Consider Bankruptcy

Tent City In New York Set Up In Hopes For Elevator Job

Camped out for 3 days for chance at getting an application

Unemployment challenges Obama’s economic storyline

Top Dem holds Wall Street fundraiser during Wall Street bill debate

FoxBusiness: New Details Emerge in Goldman Case

Senators Slam Goldman, Accuse Firm of ‘Unethical’ Bet Against Housing Market

Senate to Hold Second Vote on Financial Bill

It’s All ‘on the Table’ — Even National Sales Tax

Debt Panel — or Obama Tax Screen?

Ford Posts $2.1B Profit in First Quarter

Lawmakers Accuse GM of Misleading Public

Energy Co. to Move Workers Ahead of Senate Probe


Iceland reports record 34 percent inflation

Portuguese Five-Year CDS at Record High, Spread Wider. Can you spell D-E-F-A-U-L-T, boys and girls?

Forget 10% Unemployment, The Real Job Loss Pain Number is 54%

U.S. Food Inflation Spiraling Out of Control

10 Cities Facing a Double Whammy of Default Risks

The Housing Crash Has Just Started; Get set for falling prices again. Round two is about to begin.

Greek Bond Market Crash, Greek Budget Deficit Worse Than Feared

Marc Faber Says Holding Cash Will Be A Disaster, Investors Should Accumulate Gold

Why are US Stocks an the US Dollar Rising?

The Devaluation of the US Dollar, Gold’s Springboard

US Housing Market Crash Update, There’s a World of Pain Ahead

Financial Reform Bill Will Devastate US Economy

US in the Midst of the Greater Depression, Fourth Turning Generational Crisis

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