Financial News Update – 04/28/10

U.S. signs on for global bank regulation (Hat Tip: WhenIfHow) – Forbes: Conservative cities best for jobs and new businesses

EDITORIAL: Obama’s regulatory disaster

Your Money for Immigration Overhaul

Morning Bell: The Senate’s Goldman Kabuki

Obama Plan Blows Secret Kisses to Wall Street

VIDEO: A Wall Street Bailout Bill

Holy Cow, The Treasury Is Taking Online Donations To Pay Down The Debt (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Side Effects: Floridians Will Lose Medicare Advantage

Much Ado About Little: Congress Touts Phony Foreign Affairs “Savings”

In the Dodd Bill, “Bank” Could Mean Anyone

U.S. deficit unsustainable, Bernanke says (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Global Investors On Edge as European Debt Crisis Worsens

Obama is a Bully: Kneale (Hat Tip: Garry Hamilton)

Debt Panel: Even Health Law ‘On The Table’

Debt Panel — or Obama Tax Screen?

3rd Senate Test Vote on Wall St. Overhaul Fails


Bernanke Urges Deficit-Cutting SOON; Tax system changes

NEW WORLD ORDER: Obama concerned about Greek debt, monitoring closely

Senate Dems warn of all-nighter to force GOP on Wall Street reform bill

Harry Reid: Republican party’s filibuster ‘anti-American’

World markets tumble as euro debt crisis escalates

CRA$H: Philly Cops No Longer Responding To ‘Fender Benders’

Fed Keeps Pledge to Maintain Low Rates for ‘Extended Period’


Current U.S. Dollar Currency Controls

GM is using our tax dollars to repay our tax dollars to get more of our tax dollars at a reduced interest rate. A nice deal if you can get it.

Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability. This U.S. Senate report begins: “The Congressional Oversight Panel’s February oversight report, “Commercial Real Estate Losses and the Risk to Financial Stability,” expresses concern that a wave of commercial real estate loan losses over the next four years could jeopardize the stability of many banks, particularly community banks. Commercial real estate loans made over the last decade – including retail properties, office space, industrial facilities, hotels and apartments – totaling $1.4 trillion will require refinancing in 2011 through 2014.”

White House warns of the dangers of huge deficits

Debt panel says Obama will approve debt findings (before they’re even made!)

Unemployment challenges Obama’s rhetoric

Pennsylvania city considers bankruptcy

Administration comes clean, explains death panels

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