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ThreastsWatch – New York Bomber Trained In Waziristan

Weasel Zippers – MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer ‘Frustrated’ That Times Square Bomber Is a Muslim, Was Hoping for Right-Winger… (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Free Republic – Yes, Something Is Definitely Stirring In This Market (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Caleb Howe – Update: Confirmed, White Substance Mailed to Governor Brewer

Natural News – GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Yahoo! Finance – Stocks tumble as new doubts about Greek aid emerge (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Freedom’s Lighthouse – Attorney General Eric Holder Already Rewriting History; Claims Times Square Attack was “Thwarted” – Video 5/4/10 (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques) – Obama’s response will cause worse oil spills

Bloomberg Businessweek – Times Square Suspect Said to Get Citizenship in 2009 (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin)

Pajamas Media – Has Al Gore given up on global warming? (UPDATED) (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Free Republic – Voting begins in Senate on Wall Street reform (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Bob McCarty Writes – No Word Yet on NYC Bomb Suspect’s Tea Party Ties

The Radio Patriot – Obama: Fool? Or traitor?

Liberty Pundits/Dr. Melissa Clouthier – Times Square Bomb: And The Conspiracy Theories And Media Memes Begin

Brutally Honest – Radical Islam not the cause, bank foreclosure at the root

Free Republic – City investigating program that helped Rep’s daughter [Gutierrez D-IL] (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Radio Patriot – “The Religion of Peace”

The Radio Patriot – Glenn Beck – “How’s Your Security?”

The Radio Patriot – More Beck

The Radio Patriot – Surf’s up

The Radio Patriot – The problem with illegal aliens…

Gateway Pundit – Obama Administration Makes Plans to Gobble Up 401(k)s

Gateway Pundit – Pelosi, Jost and Bloomberg Need to Apologize to Conservatives After Pakistani-American & Democrat Arrested in NYC Car Bomb Case

Gateway Pundit – Horror… Philly Fan Tazed By Cop on Field (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Chris Matthews: Gulf Coast Oil Spill Shows How, ‘Private Money Making Can Cost Our World.’

Gateway Pundit – Breaking: Officials Arrest Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad in Times Square Bomb Attempt …Update: He Was Arrested at JFK Airport …Update: A Registered Dem

Gateway Pundit – Insanity. New Obama Strategy Refuses to Blame Islamists as Root of Terror

Gateway Pundit – Unreal. Mayor Bloomberg Says Car Bomber Could Have Political Agenda… Against Health Care Bill

Gateway Pundit – Despite Federal Plan Officials Failed to Stock Fire Booms to Contain Oil Slick

Gateway Pundit – Pelosi Caught In Major Lie- Says Bush Didn’t Warn Congress About Financial Crisis… Records Show He Warned Congress 17 Times in 2008 Alone

Gateway Pundit – Obama Administration Working With Egypt & Russia to Rid Israel of Nuclear Weapons

Gateway Pundit – Fist Clenched: Ahmadinejad Lectures US & Israel at UN Non-Proliferation Summit

Gateway Pundit – Immigration Protesters With Brass Knuckles Mace, Beat & Stomp On Counter-Protesters

Michelle Malkin – The arrest of Faisal Shahzad


Google – WIRE: There since Day One? Maybe not

Reuters – Pentagon OKs more National Guard

AlertNet – Drilling expansion ‘dead’ in Congress

Reuters – HE ‘ADMITS’

Google – Cantor slams Obama on Iran, Russia

Yahoo! News – Israel says Hezbollah missile buildup accelerating

Yahoo! News – Report: Congress makes too many vague laws

CNN – Times Square suspect arrested trying to flee country

The Daily Mail – ‘I acted alone’ – Was In Foreclosure

ABC News – Detained at JFK


AP – Tried to fly to Dubai

Fox News – Man Arrested in Karachi in Connection With Times Square Bombing Attempt

Fox News – Final Navy SEAL Faces Court Martial

Fox News – U.S. Has 5,113 Nuclear Warheads

Fox News – Grandma Arrested After Slapping Child for Cursing

Fox News – Iran to Hold New War Games in Persian Gulf

Fox News – Bin Laden Living Comfortably in Iran, Film Asserts

Fox News – Reports: Kim Jong Il to Meet Top Beijing Officials

Fox News – Up to 8 Reportedly in Custody in Pakistan in Connection With Times Square Bombing Attempt – Employers continue to reject Obama

Fox Nation – Pics of Al Gore’s New Palace (Hat Tip: Feed Your ADHD)

WND – EMP could leave ‘9 out of 10 Americans dead’

Free Republic – THREAT MATRIX 2010 #3 (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Gates suggests big changes coming for Navy (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Obama NSS To Drop Preemption (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Family Security Matters – Time to Sink the Carriers

CFP – Was the BP Oil Platform Explosion an Accident, or…? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bookworm Room – Sit back and watch as America enters “The Twilight Zone”

Liberty Pundits/Dr. Melissa Clouthier – SHOCKING NEWS: Pakistani-American Arrested For Times Square Bombing Attempt–CONTINUOUS UPDATED

The Strata-Sphere – Obama Administration Suffers Another Near-Miss Disaster From Islamo Facists – Horror stories from the border

Atlas Shrugs – Revolution Muslim, The Group that Threatened South Park Creators, Were Proselytizing in Times Square Terror UPDATED: Muslim Arrested [bumped]

Atlas Shrugs – “The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and it’s overturned the order of the soul”

Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller, Big Government: Times Square and Jihad Denial

Atlas Shrugs – Breaking: It was JIHAD in Times Square Terror Car Bomb

Atlas Shrugs – Obama’s Secret White House Meetings: Seeks to Keep Visitor Logs Confidential

Atlas Shrugs – Undead Muslim Leader: “The time is very near when our fedayeen will attack the American states in the major cities”

Atlas Shrugs – Obama Policy: No Nukes for Israel

Atlas Shrugs – Armed Police Storm the Roof and Arrest Peaceful EDL Protesters, Unable to Contain the Violent Rioting Muslims

American Thinker – ‘Sedition’ Is Constitutional (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Free Republic – Eric Holder Remarks on the Arrest of Shahzad Faisal (middle of the night presser) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

ThreatsWatch – Examining Target New York

The Washington Post – Leading the charge for GOP insurgents (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Huffington Post – Gulf Oil Spill: Government Regulator Downplayed Environmental Impact Of Spill (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

CNNTech – ‘Smart dust’ aims to monitor everything (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The New York Post – Blaming the citizen (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Wade Rathke: Chief Organizer Blog – First Living Wage Victory in Canada (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Caroline Glick – Convenient moral blindness

Real Clear Politics – Krauthammer: “Guantanamo Has Just Gotten An Extra Year Or Two Of Life” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Kim Priestap – Pakistani arrested for Times Square car bomb

Liberty Pundits/Dr. Melissa Clouthier – Times Square Bomber Caught: Details Emerge, Bomber No “Lone Wolf”

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