2 thoughts on “No Guns for Negroes

  1. Wow. This sounds like something that Tea Parties can all get behind, except that part about no guns. Some things never change.

  2. .Part II Statistics. Great. Thankyou. The 2010 third edition of John Lott’s l996 MORE GUNS LESS CRIME comes out next month and is available on Amazon mor for about $12. A researcher at Boston University Jeff Miron has shown that in the 44 countries from which you can get such stats, the stricter the gun control laws the more of all kinds of violence citizen’s suffer. It really is citizen disarmament. UK Russia Jamaica and NZ have all saw more crime after gun laws in the l990s. The kicker is why they have not reversd the laws. Speaks to the grim power of the UN’s agenda against guns, perhaps.
    WHY do the Feds want our guns so badly. What plans do they have. Nicely cowed subjects(not citizens) confront power less,stand up for themselves less. They like that. Guns are political power and mind set even when home sefely hidden.

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