Links To Visit – 05/19/10

Sun Times – Race to ‘downplay glamor of state dinner’

Outside the Beltway – Pennsylvania Attorney General Subpoena’s Twitter For Identity Of Anonymous Critics

The Washington Examiner – ‘Green ceviche with cucumber… Mole has 28 ingredients in it’

Sun Times – BAN LIFTED: Will allow one reporter to see dinner set up in East Room ‘for few minutes’

cbs2chicago – WH furious; chef denies tweeting from residence kitchen – HS seniors being asked for ‘citizen status’ before Obama commencement address

Breitbart – Mexican President Knocks Arizona Law From White House Lawn

YouTube – Obama to Calderon: “We are Not Defined by Our Borders”

nbclosangeles – Arizona threatens to pull plug on LA’s power if city goes through with boycott

Google – Immigrant crossings into Arizona — on rise

OC Register – Costa Mesa rejects ‘Sanctuary City’ designation

Dispatch – Ohio city bans worker travel to Arizona

The Washington Post – SKorea’s top diplomat: ‘Obvious’ NKorea sank ship

AP – Thailand’s biggest dept store destroyed in riots


Yahoo! Asia News – Bangkok burns after protest leaders arrested

AP – Taliban attack key US base

ktvu – UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA

The New York Daily News – Obama goes 0-4: PA loss follows failures in NJ, VA and MA

AP – Proposed Iran sanctions face opposition

Real Clear Politics – Gore Gives Depressing Commencement Speech On Global Warming

Fox News – Texas Board of Education Meeting on Textbooks

Fox News – ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed’ Day Unleashes Facebook Fracas

Michelle Malkin – The U.S. Department of Blame America First

Michelle Malkin – Open-borders quote of the morning; Update: Calderon bashes Arizona

Michelle Malkin – FEMA attempts to whitewash faith-based volunteers

Michelle Malkin – Primary night open thread; Update: Specter out, Sestak, Toomey in; Democrat crony keeps Murtha’s seat; Blanche Lincoln in runoff

Michelle Malkin – Gingrich: ‘More of a Possibility Now’ I’ll Run for President

Michelle Malkin – If You Take Your Graduate to See Obama and You Don’t Have Your Papers, You’re Going to Get Harassed

Michelle Malkin – Arizona-bashing ignoramus of the day

Michelle Malkin – The GOP Crapweasel Club

Michelle Malkin – The Left, bogus war stories, and the NYTimes

Gateway Pundit – Vets Demand an Apology Following Blumenthal’s Swiftboating

Gateway Pundit – Mexican President Bashes Arizona ID Law From White House Lawn (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Obama Holds State Dinner With Mexican President… Will Check ID’s

Gateway Pundit – Israelis Threaten to “Blow Up” Bar Mitzvah For Rahm Emanuel’s Son

Gateway Pundit – Is Rahm Emanuel an American Kapo?

Gateway Pundit – St. Louis Man Bitten In Stomach By Census Worker’s Rottweiler (Video)

Gateway Pundit – The “Giddy” Is Gone… Dem’s Health Care Plan Will Cost Taxpayers BILLIONS More Than Promised (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Muslim Women Upset Over Legislation in France That Forces Them to Show Their Face

Gateway Pundit – Breaking: Blumenthal’s Soldier Supporter On Stage Today Is a Phony, Too

Gateway Pundit – Tuesday Primaries- Randslide In Kentucky – Sestak Beats Specter – Burns Concedes

Gateway Pundit – Figures… Like a True Democrat, Blanche Lincoln Accused of Voting Twice (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Sick. Obama Says Daniel Pearl’s Beheading “Captured the World’s Imagination” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Arizona Utilities Rep Invites LA to Continue Boycott on Arizona & Watch Their Lights Go Out

Gateway Pundit – Palin Speaks: I Can’t Help But Feel Outraged on Behalf of Arizona’s Citizens for the Incompetence Shown by These Administration Officials

Gateway Pundit – State Department Kook Defends Kook Who Apologized to Chinese for Arizona Immigration Law (Video)

The Waking Giant – GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND. NOW. (please) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Radio Patriot – The Noisy Room Sounds the Alarm: McCarthyism is back.

The Radio Patriot – McCarthyism and the Men in the Oval Office

The Radio Patriot – Meet the candidates

The Radio Patriot – Lift another Chicago rock, and what do we find?

The Radio Patriot – Now they’re coming for our churches…

Renee’s Blog – Guess who scored more fiscally responsible than Bob Etheridge… (Hat Tip: Lorie Byrd)

Moonbattery – Bureaucrats Issue IDs to Illegal Aliens (Hat Tip: The Anchoress)

The American Spectator – Landslide Rand – Joe Sestak knocks off Arlen Specter, faces Toomey in November – Philly voters decide to give City Council more money, control – The confusion in a Philly tax amnesty mailer – How Democrats ‘won’ in Pennsylvania

Breitbart – Canada campaigns against global bank tax

Sarah Palin – American Apology Tour Continues

The American Spectator – How Liberal Jews Are Enabling the Second Holocaust

Yahoo! News – U.S. wants to build up Hezbollah moderates: adviser

The Anchoress – Asking the Age-Old Question -UPDATE

Atlas Shrugs – A Morally Ill and Wholly Degenerate President ……. Sick

Atlas Shrugs – DOJ Voting Rights attorney resigns over Obama’s Black Panthers Prosecution Scandal

Atlas Shrugs – Obama’s Post-American World: Iran’s Nuclear New World Order

John Stossel – Confiscating Your Property

WND – Constitution takes hit from Supreme Court

Free Republic – Obama’s Assault on the Church, via the EPA (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Larry Shook – The Elephant in Spokane’s Living Room

Family Security Matters – Border Patrol Agents Blast Obama Administration

Kim Priestap – President Obama: “We defined not by our borders but by our bonds.”

The Anchoress – The world used to be a lot less uptight

Arizona Chamber of Commerce – Understanding the new Ariz. immigration law (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

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