From the Communist Party USA convention – Sam Webb

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By: Trevor Loudon

Party Chairman Sam Webb opened the 29th Convention of the Communist Party USA, May 21 in New York.

From the Peoples World:

Saying the far-right political forces in the United States have launched a “new racist counteroffensive” in order to “strip away popular support for the first African American president,” Webb said, “if unchallenged” it could lead to a “much uglier version of the Bush-Cheney administration.” But if the “racist barrage runs into a powerful anti-racist response coming not only from people of color, but also from the white majority and white workers” it can be stopped.

“My guess,” said Webb, “is that the Republican Party, which has turned into an instrument of unabashed racism … will not be successful” in 2010 or in 2012.

Webb called on the delegates to step up their involvement in the fights for jobs, anti-racism and grassroots election work.

Webb also expanded on a vision for socialism. Calling it a “work in progress” Webb spent time on developing a vision for socialism based on U.S. culture, history, democracy and traditions. And that socialism has to be sustainable – environmentally/economically – and given the huge dangers of global warming, socialism is a necessity.

3 thoughts on “From the Communist Party USA convention – Sam Webb

  1. Racist,racist,racist. Yup, heard that before. 1) You sure? 2)Why do you say that? 3) Who cares? 4) Bull.

  2. OH No! Not global warming and that only the socialists can fix it? Are these folks playing with a full deck? So not only are we a bunch of racial fascists we are too stupid to do anything about global warming when it is said over and over that it isn’t true and doesn’t exist. Good grief…
    Good to know that they are all in the Obama camp though. With all of these folks how can the Liberals possibly lose?
    Oh BTW we are NOT an all white organization we are open to everyone who has had enough shoved at us in the past26 months.

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