Links To Visit – 05/25/10

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Gateway Pundit – Obama to Take Second Vacation This Month Since Gulf Oil Rig Exploded

The Strata-Sphere – Sestakgate – Time To Come Clean Dems!

Bob McCarty Writes – Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play Promises 212K Jobs in Pennsylvania During Next 10 Years

Bob McCarty Writes – Will Mexican Truck Drivers With Criminal Records Soon Be Driving on U.S. Highways?

Gateway Pundit – Angry Constituents Confront Lib Dem Patrick Murphy For Ducking Town Halls (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Tennessee House Commends Arizona on New Immigration Law

Gateway Pundit – Redistributor in Chief… Private Pay Shrinks to Historic Lows – Government Handouts Soar

Gateway Pundit – Obama Praises “Los Suns” Jersey Protest During TNT NBA Interview

Gateway Pundit – Jindal Furious: Rips Obama For Dismal Response to Oil Spill Disaster

Gateway Pundit – No Jail Time For Captain America – After Groping Woman With Burrito Stuffed Down His Pants

Gateway Pundit – Dem Congress Jumps Into Action… Will Quadruple Gas Tax After Gulf Oil Spill

Gateway Pundit – Dick Morris: Sestak Bribery Scandal Is Impeachable Offense (Video)

Gateway Pundit – ALABAMA DOES IT AGAIN… Republican Rick Barber Releases Killer Campaign Ad (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Gross. Naked Code Pink Radicals Slathered In Crude Oil Protest at BP Headquarters With Dead Fish(Video) – Associated Press buries Kilpatrick’s party affiliation – Administration tries to kill state lawsuit against ObamaCare – News Media drop Blumenthal story

Caroline Glick – Reclaiming our language from the Left – Philly school principal resigns, still makes $124k a year

Michelle Malkin – Exposing the Grand Jihad

Michelle Malkin – Small Business Week at the White House: Economics for Dummies, But Mostly the Other Way Around

Michelle Malkin – AP: Obama to Skip Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington on Monday – Alert–Citizens report nationwide mobilization of National Guard (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Before It’s News – United Nations Convoy sighted in Pennsylvania (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Korea Times – Full text of President Lee’s national address (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

RealClearPolitics – ABC’s “World News” Reports On Oil Spill: “Anger Is Reserved For Washington” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Washington Times – FBI releases Murtha records (Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot)

Caleb Howe – #AskGibbs

The Radio Patriot – Private pay shrinks to historic lows

The Radio Patriot – “They’re carrying Red Flags. They’re telling us.” – Glenn Beck

The Radio Patriot – Alabamans Kicking Ads: NEW! Rick Barber, Alabama’s 2nd District

The Radio Patriot – Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee: “Livid”

The Radio Patriot – The Invisible Hands behind the President

Solve Climate – Investigator Warned MMS in 2009 About Deepwater Gas Blowouts in Gulf of Mexico (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Rasmussen – POLL: Obama Approval Falls to New Low: 42%

The New York Times – NYT: US Orders Expanded Use of Covert Action in Middle East

Family Security Matters – Bill Gates Funds Gulen Islamist Movement

WSJ – Warning: Crash dead ahead. Sell. Get liquid. Now. (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Telegraph – Google Street View ‘single biggest breach of privacy in history’ (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Monkeyfister – Major Change Down Below… (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Sarah Palin – Just When Ya Think It Can’t Get Any More “Interesting”… Welcome, Neighbor! (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Yahoo! News – NKorea accuses South of trespassing, threatens military action

MSNBC – Severing all ties with South; bracing for war

ABC News – U.S. Prepares for Largest Battle in Afghanistan

Breitbart – Jamaica police: 30 dead in battle with drug gang

WSJ – Report: Drilling agency staff accepted gifts from oil industry

USA Today – Pushy fliers may show up in TSA’s database; Feds keeping records of people who make screeners feel ‘threatened’

Atlas Shrugs – Afghanistan: A New ROE Strategy to Kill Our Soldiers

Atlas Shrugs – Praise from His Overlords: Islamic Supremacist Universal Caliphate Group, OIC, Lauds Obama’s Submission to islam

Atlas Shrugs – Rifqa Bary Suffering from Cancer, Her Lawyers Bring in Her Parents

Atlas Shrugs – Massachusetts Governor Submits to Islam

Atlas Shrugs – Interview with Anders Gravers after Nazi Attack

Free Republic – U.K. Bans Doctor Andrew Wakefield Who Linked Autism to MMR Vaccine (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner) – Obama Exporting Chicago’s Misery to a City Near You (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Publius Forum – Communist Indoctrination in Chicago Schools (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Accuracy In Media – Mexican Revolutionaries in America (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner) – Santorum gives his two cents on Sestak, Toomey – New Jersey cities issuing ID cards to illegals

Fox News – ACORN Filmmaker Won’t Face Felony

Center for Justice – “Nothing Magical” (Hat Tip: Ron The Cop)

Politico – President Obama clashes with McCain in Republican luncheon (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WGN News – Obamas’ visit back home leaves Chicagoans guessing (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Hill – Obama to aides: ‘Plug the damn hole’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

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  1. Why can’t the Oil Well in the Gulf be plugged with a Big Chuck of Steel like an Old Submarine down onto the oil well opening with a projection that would be welded onto the bottom of the ship that when properly positioned down over the well head would contain the artesian well head ?

    Mass over substance always wins .

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