Christie’s Message to the NJEA

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I love this guy… 8)

He also asks somewhere (can’t find the video – from Glenn Beck):

You know that there is over 5 million children trapped in over 10,000 failing public schools around America. And I use the word ‘trapped,’ and I use it directly. They are trapped by an educational bureaucracy. They are trapped by a selfish, self-interested, greedy school union that cares more about the money in their own pocket and the pockets of members than they care about educating our most vulnerable and needy children around the country.

By those children I mean very clearly, as you know, more than 50% of those children that we are talking about are in our largest cities and they do not graduate. 50% of the children in our largest cities in America never graduate from high school. In New Jersey, in the city of Newark, we are expending $24,000 per pupil, in public money, for an absolutely disgraceful public education system.

Damn, this guy should be President. Really – now…

One thought on “Christie’s Message to the NJEA

  1. Dear Governor,
    The majority backs you, so continue your
    quest relentlessly. Unions have ruined several
    states and destroyed much of America.
    Our so called public schools are a damned
    disgrace. Teachers’ salaries and pensions
    grow exponentially, yet the students get dumber. What a concept!
    Those sucking at the trough with government
    jobs/welfare–and unions–are now the majority.
    But that doesn’t mean they are right. We can
    still take back our country and alter the black
    messiah’s goal to destroy America and become its first dictator.
    Keep up the good work, sir. America stands
    behind you. Never waiver.
    Con Bliss

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