Islamo-Marxism and Al-Qa’idah

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By: Trevor Loudon

Cross posted from New Zeal.

Westerners need to get their heads around the fact, that much of what we understand as radical Islam, or Islamic terrorism, is in fact Islamo-Marxism.

Just as most radical “Christians” are actually Marxists, much of radical Islam is fostered and promoted by Marxist forces.

Here is an interesting snippet from the Yearbook of International Communist Affairs 1971, page 285.

The writer is quoting a Lebanese publication, which is commenting on a split within the Iraqi Communist Party.

That all was not well even within the ranks of the Central Committee was revealed by the Beirut weekly “al-Sayyad” (24 July), which reproduced sections of a clandestine publication called “al-Qa’idah” (The Base), reputedly the organ of a new splinter group “Al-Qa’idah” charged the pro-Soviet Central Committee with “appeasement of the right, deviation from Marxism, depriving the revolution of its content and imposing an ideological reign of terror on the bases, as well as betraying the Palestinian cause.”

It held the Central Committee leaders guilty of “stealing the funds of the party and spending them on pleasures of different kinds” and of vacillating between the left and right in accord with their personal interests.”

Is this the real origin of what we now know as Al Qaeda? More research required.

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