Russian “Plausible Deniability?”

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By: Trevor Loudon

Cross-posted from New Zeal.

From Reuters:

The chief of Russia’s state security service said on Wednesday that terrorists were seeking access to nuclear materials across the former Soviet Union.

Alexander Bortnikov, the chief of the FSB, the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB, gave no further details about the attempts or which groups had sought the materials. “We have information which indicates that terrorists are continuing to attempt to get access to nuclear materials (and) biological and chemical components,” he was quoted as saying.

As Moscow has traditionally sponsored or aided most of the world’s leading terrorist organizations (including many “Islamic” groups), are the Russians setting the stage for some “plausible deniability” here?

Should a terrorist group mount a successful atomic or biological attack on the West, it would be wise for the Russians to distance themselves in advance.

Credit to Once Upon a Time in the West.

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