“The Three Terrors”

Hat Tip: Caroline Glick

From the three jihadist stooges… Evil is inherently stupid.

LatmaTV — June 17, 2010 — Ahmedido Domingo (aka Ahmadinejad), Erdogano Pavarotti (aka Erdogan) and Assad Carreras (aka Bashar Assad) singing about the benefits of terrorism.

full text:
Based on Funiculi Funicula
Sung by the Three Terrors:
Erdogano Pavarotti, Assad Carreras and Ahmedido Domingo

Erdogan: I say — it’s time that I restore the Empire
Let’s get to work (let’s get to work!)
Because in Europe everybody knows that
I’m just a jerk (he’s just a jerk!)
Assad: And I , the serial killer who should spend all
his life in jail (oy vey oy vey)
To reach the hearts of all the world media
We found the trail (hurray hurray)

Erdogan: Terror, Terror, that’s my cup of tea
Terror gains us love and sympathy
To beat the West, to be the one
From Tripoli to Teheran
Yalla yalla, ya — Jihad is sweet, Jihad is fun

All: Terror, Terror, that’s how you convince
That you’re cool and charming as a prince
To beat the West, to be the one
For Hezbullah and Erdogan
Yalla yalla, ya — Jihad is sweet, Jihad is fun

Ahmedi: So now, the UN has imposed the sanctions
(Ironically) Oh my, oh my… (oh my, oh my)
Together here we stand, no opposition,
I hung them high (he hung them high)
I wish to thank Obama for his patience,
For playing dumb (for playing dumb)
Coz now I got the peace of mind to build me
The nuclear bomb (The nuclear bomb)

Terror, terror, that’s my cup of tea
Assad: Terror gains us love and sympathy
Erdogan: To beat the West, to be the one
From Tennessee to Teheran
Yalla, yalla ya, Jihad is sweet, Jihad is fun

All: Terror, Terror, gets us all the grants
Terror makes you all piss in your pants
To beat the West, to be the one
From Tennessee to Teheran
Yalla yalla, ya — I hit the switch and you are gone!


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