You Asked What You Can Do

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Hat Tip: Jean Stoner
By: Dr. Thomas Giberson
From: The 912 Project

Many people have asked what they can do. They are given some solid, attainable goals. But, gosh, that seems like more effort than typing an email. If you are truly interested, truly want to take action, there are things you can do.

As a starting point, the election in November, seen as some magic endpoint, will not even be a starting point. There will be a struggle for the heart and soul of America for decades and you are either in to win or you have destined your children to a sad future of servitude.

To win we must defeat the American Trial Lawyers, the educational establishment at all levels, the American media, and the arrogant power-hungry politicians while simultaneously staving off or defeating the onslaught of Islamic radicalism. It sounds difficult, and it is, but it is possible.

Regarding politicians, this is the easiest part. It involves precinct work, financial support, signs, attendance at rallies and town hall meetings AND working to repeal the 17th amendment to the Constitution. The direct election of Senators has been a disaster of epic proportions and disrupted the balance of power and checks and balances.

The American media is losing the war and both they and the politicos know it. Bailouts for the propaganda machine seem inevitable, but they are not. The media is reeling financially and can be knocked out by boycotts attacking their advertisers. State and local newspapers are in dire straits and are desperate for cash. Force them in a conservative direction by contacting their advertisers and they will go in that direction to survive. Destroy their links to advertising money and you destroy them. BUT, they need to be replaced by those who believe in the Constitution, and that will require financial support for those who would step in either on the web or on the street. NBC,ABC, BCS, CNN, MSNBC are in similar financial circumstances and can be redirected or destroyed in the same manner.

The education establishment, and the ATLA, can be pulled out at the roots – state money. Running for school boards, attending your child’s class, suing your school district, working with your local state senator or congressman over state and county budgetary issues will put a crimp in their style. Suing the state NEA over egregious issues will deplete their resources for electioneering. Recording class conversations and propaganda and making them publicly available and available to your local politicians or at school board meetings will put them on the defensive. The trial lawyers are most vulnerable at the roots – the law schools. Working with your state officials is the most direct mechanism. Remember, the majority of law schools are state funded and we pay the salaries of left wing radical law professors who are teaching anti-constitutional, anti-capitalist crap to impressionable students. There is CLEARLY, a significant bias in law schools towards a “living Constitution” that is alterable by the courts. No school allows gender, racial, or religious bias, so why do they tolerate political bias? That is a state problem.

Picking up a gun is easy and pointless. Glenn Beck is absolutely correct in this matter. You fall into a trap created by Marxists over a long period of time who are prepared to win the political war and come out on top in the aftermath of a violent revolution. You will foment change, but it will be disastrous change. Reform is the key, but it is a slow process that requires a higher degree of effort and persistence, organization and management, re-evaluation of short and long term goals and where we are on the path to those goals.

I have attached an open letter from my wife to those who have never experienced where we are headed. It is long but worth reading. If you wish to form a working group to develop strategy and tactics and then carry out the plans, let me know.



I was born Ram Sorat in a small village in Asia. As an adult I married an American and my last name is now Giberson and I am a proud American citizen, a mom, and a grandmom. Before 2008 I voted, but never paid that much attention to government because the way I grew up government had little meaning for those betrayed by the system to be born into poverty and remain there, to be born as a member of the majority who are neglected and controlled generation after generation by a system designed to keep those families born into power in power forever. I didn’t even know enough about my government to understand how it works. All I ever felt was that there was a mighty leader and he was like God. I never truly knew him, only that we were to speak highly of him – and that is all the vast majority of people knew.

I was a small child, like so many other children, selected by their government to have no dreams. I was taught my place even as my parents and their parents for generations before them were taught their place. We believed we were “outside the system,” but we were really inside the system that put us there. My place was on the garbage piles. I was like the child you see on commercials for charities, scrounging on garbage piles. I survived, though, and still surprise myself every day that I even survived. But that’s OK. I am proud of myself and who I have become today. It took all I had – and more – to build the life I now have in the United States.

My hope as a child was to make my life better than just another child on another garbage pile. I met a wonderful American man, who I see as my hero, who I married 36 years ago and remain married to him today. When we met, my dream was to learn to speak English, to make my life mean something, to raise my child to live his dreams, and to fit into the system. My husband’s dream was to become a doctor. We worked together and both fulfilled our dreams. We were busy and worked very hard in a mutual effort. I learned English in ESL classes at night, worked to help my husband through college and medical school, and I went to college. It was difficult, but we are very proud of our accomplishments and we both know what it has taken to earn our dreams. Without having done it together we would have no way of knowing what it took for each other to get here.

In 2008 I started to pay attention to our government because I began to notice the tug of those familiar feelings I knew as a small child – the awareness of a dangerous system that had no respect for those rights I was born with and denied. No one will ever deny me those rights again and I will fight to the end to stop others from that betrayal. What the current Obama administration and Congress is doing to America is what I knew as a child. The government takes it all and the people become nothing. There are no dreams. There is no success. There is no awareness of what government is about – people are expected to only see the government as a distant, all-powerful God who has the power and right to suck our lives away from us until we are nothing.

People who were born in the United States, even born in deep poverty in this country, are spoiled and do not understand what it means to be useless and to have nowhere to turn. They don’t know that when government takes everything, you have nothing and are nothing. You cannot even rise up in opposition. That is the road we are now on.

Mr. Beck, I have fought against this sick feeling from August of last year because it is such a horrible, yet familiar, feeling. We have held a tea party, I have written and called and emailed everyone I could think of, including you, then did it over and over and over again. Mr. Beck, you are becoming my hero as well, and I never miss your show and have kept many of them on DVR. The more I learn the further down the road I know we have gone. We are going down this road because so many Americans naively believe that the government will take care of their every need. Our Constitution has been our road map but our Constitution is now badly broken. I see our common sense, our core beliefs, our integrity and honesty, and the soul of America being publicly dishonored by our President and those who work with him. I see our lives becoming less valuable daily as our government degrades the citizens who have given them the honor of serving. The country that I love so deeply, a country that treasures dreams and success, is vanishing. I understand that We the People are rising up; but for what? To salvage a Constitution that is no longer recognizable to those who wrote it? To protect a government that has grown corrupt? It is painful to write this, but if it takes this pain to share my fears with those Americans who never had to live as I did as a child in the hopes that they avoid these dangers and that is a pain I will gladly suffer.

I had a friend who is a democrat, but she believes being a democrat is what it used to be, not what it has become. What would allow a democrat to give democracy away to a government that sees people only as tools? How can I remain a friend with her when she accepts that it is all right for people to be held hostage to the whims of a few elite people? How can we remain friends when she accepts that people are useless to the government?

Communists or Fascists or Socialists – it makes no difference to those on the garbage pile. Each of those types of governments starts by discounting and intimidating the people to make people feel useless and unnecessary to government, even as people pay for that government. Naive people who believe they are doing good ask government to help others, but this only feeds the aggressive desire of governments to control. Spreading the wealth around sounds good, but in the end, only the government elite will have wealth. Government takes all the wealth until there is not enough to go around for everyone. Then some people will be pushed into poverty and will stay there forever and dreams and hopes will disappear for generations. Those who have not been pushed into poverty can see what is happening, but they will not speak for fear that they will become useless and will wind up at the bottom. Yet those at the highest ranks of government will always want more wealth, so more and more people will be tossed aside until it is just the lucky few and those in the garbage pile who will never be heard. That type of system will never end peacefully.

Dependence upon government is a trap. They will promise to feed, and to shelter, and to protect people for free. But once they have used the people enough to gain power, fed them enough to create dependence, protected their freedoms enough that the people come to believe those freedoms are given to them by the government, the government will control them. Getting something for free always means paying with your children’s future. When government takes, it never says thank you and never gives any freedoms back. When a government believes it can take any power from you, it will; and there will be no limit to how much it will take until it has enough power to control everything. At that point, which corrupt political party one belongs to will mean nothing. You will either agree or disappear. The sad point, though, is that the people who are the victims of a corrupt government will have willingly given away all their power as though the government would respect it. Then children will be born “outside the system” and there will be an elite few and the desperate majority. “Spreading the wealth” is no more than cheese in a mouse trap. It always looks good until you are trapped. And then patients will no longer be cared for because we cannot afford it. Starvation will occur because there isn’t enough food. There will be complete control. If you believe your government ignores you now, do you believe they will listen when they no longer need you?

If I am unable to convince you, look all around you at those who have sacrificed everything to be here. There is no other place in the world where hopes and dreams are encouraged. There is no other place where starting from nothing a life can be built.

Celebrities and charitable organizations visit Third World countries to help feed the children who live on garbage piles. Their kindness, or more honestly, pity, is always appreciated, but how did the children get there to begin with? It always starts the way our government is acting. The government promises all, gathers all the power to itself, and then turns its backs on its own people. Kind people can pity the children, but they never pay attention to the road that got the children there to begin with. In the end, the wealth was spread around and around until it all came back to the elites in government. And that is how children wind up on top of a garbage pile – and you will never know that until you have stood on top of that pile.

I am not sad for myself, but very sad for those who would throw their children onto the garbage piles. At every level that is wrong. You cannot spend money that you don’t have and to promote this is almost criminal. This is not intergenerational theft, it is intergenerational child abuse. I understand that the government tries to convince people that kind people are doing the right thing, but when your children suffer they won’t want to know if you tried to do the right thing, they will want you to have done the right thing and kept our freedom. Say “No” to spending what we do not have. Say “No” to the indoctrination of your children. Say “No” to a government that grows big enough to insult you and your dreams. “Say “No” to a government that says your freedoms are dangerous. Say “No” to any government that would put your children on a garbage pile.

People who truly love freedom should fear being eliminated. I am so afraid that I will see children scavenging on garbage piles. How can we be sure that this will not happen here? I am so sad about this because people in this country have never known what it is to live like that, yet we have elected a government who will put us there. I grew up in that and never questioned it. But I will never go there again and I will question and fight against it every single day.

It was not OK for me to be born to the garbage pile where your only hope is to find the best piece of garbage that day and believe that it is a treat. I was destined for that many generations before I was born. I never knew that dreams existed until I met my husband. When I realized that dreams and hopes were real I worked as hard as I could to make them happen. We have a beautiful garden shown in Southern Living that people from all over the world have come to enjoy, where students learn horticulture, and that supports scholarships for others. We support the local food bank and work to develop a sense of community. That is the heart of the United States – to work hard to make dreams happen and then help others reach their dreams. We are all linked and connected in a mutual effort to nurture, not destroy, the future of all children. No child should ever look for treats on a garbage pile.

Americans are no longer fighting just a stimulus package, or an omnibus budget, or Cap and Trade, or Health care. Americans are fighting for their very survival whether they understand that or not. If Americans do not resist the “Third World changes” being rammed down our throats by the current government they are helping to build the garbage scroungers of the future. And then what dreams will your children dream from atop the garbage pile you gave them? If you cannot answer that I will answer for you – there will be no dream, only the reality of being nothing.

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