Obama’s Panel is Biased

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By: T F Stern
From: T F Stern’s Rantings

The Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster in the Gulf has been headlining the news for nearly two months. You might recall an advisory report submitted by oil industry specialists a couple of weeks ago, a report which was altered after it had been signed by the experts. Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar put a moratorium on off shore drilling for at least six months contrary to advice offered by oil industry specialists who recommended just the opposite.

There’s a new twist in the opportunity to take advantage of this “crisis” according to a story by Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Washington Bureau, published in the Houston Chronicle. The latest attempt to pull the wool over our eyes will make it clear that drilling for oil is harmful; all the experts for this new panel were hand picked environmentalists, tops in their field.

The final draft of their investigation and report was being placed in a binder prior to the panel being assembled; at least that’s my own opinion. Why bother going through the motions of an investigation; panel membership qualification started with showing their Sierra Club card.

“Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., charged the Obama administration with keeping oil and gas drilling experts off its seven-member commission in favor of people who philosophically oppose offshore exploration.”

“And Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, said there was a huge conflict of interest in putting environmental advocates on a panel responsible for investigating the spill and recommending new safety mandates for offshore drilling.”

A conflict of interest; you don’t say? This sounds more and more like “Climategate” everyday; data being “peer reviewed”, as long as those peers had signed onto global warming’s agenda. There’s an advantage to stacking the deck, Obama and Salazar won’t have to alter the report after this one’s signed. You can bet the final result will be a death sentence for drilling oil and our economy.

In other news; it’s been reported the Obama administration has begun an in depth investigation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ claims that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Several theologians, tops in their field, allegedly are being assembled to form an exploratory panel at this time. Complaints from local ministers abound regarding young men on bicycles spreading the “Fullness of the Gospel” in predominantly Southern Baptist communities causing unrest and even membership loss.

An unreliable source from inside Obama’s administration, the same source who promised to authenticate Obama’s live birth certificate, leaked rumors of the investigation, code named “Golden Plate”. The investigation was to be completed by July 24th to coincide with Pioneer Day.

These religious scholars have been asked to debunk the “Joseph Smith Vision and associated cult”. While confidential at this time, the panel has members of many denominations; Baptist, Methodist, Catholic and Presbyterian. “Can you believe those Mormons have the nerve to call themselves Christians”, one minister was overheard as he exited the closed door meeting.

Not one member of the LDS Church (Mormons) had been invited to sit on the panel; but why complicate things? The one sided panel is similar to there being no oil and gas experts involved in the investigation of the Deepwater Horizon accident; but this is only a rumor.

“Salazar likened the group to the commissions that have investigated other disasters, including the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle and the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.”

“The panel members are elder statesmen and stateswomen, Salazar said, adding that he was confident the commission would be thorough and even-handed. When studying areas where it doesn’t have expertise, he said, the panel will interview professionals who do.”

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