Lame Duck Congress

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Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot

From The Radio Patriot:

The upcoming lame duck Congress — that stretch between the Nov. 2 election and when the newly elected Congress is seated is a dangerous time for our country.

According to Elizabeth Letchworth of (who spent 26 years as the elected Secretary to the US Senate), we are looking at a potential disaster in November and December when the lame ducks try to push through all the legislation they can. Think Amnesty, Cap and Trade, the Kill Switch bill drafted by Sen. Joe Lieberman to give the president power to shut off the Internet in the case of a national emergency.

Elizabeth produced a to-the-point video about it. Please give it wide distribution. If you blog, please consider posting it.

Like Paul Revere, Elizabeth is sounding the alert. Today’s “Red” coats are coming. Heck… they’re already here.

Elizabeth joins us every Wednesday night with a Capitol Hill update. Tune in tomorrow night at 9p ET and introduce yourself.

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