Keith Locke KeyWiki’d

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Recently, New Zealand Green Party M.P. Keith Locke complained that the N.Z. Security Intelligence Service had been spying on him.

Keith Locke, second from left, Students for Justice in Palestine, 2006

Apparently Locke was spied on by Police Special Branch and later the Security Intelligence Service, for 55 years – seven of these when he was an M.P.

Locke thinks there’s no justification for this and stated “That is shocking…” Locke says his files show the spies as having been “out of control.” They even spied on his love life, he claims. He says they spied on him “for no good reason.”

This website thinks that the N.Z.S.I.S. was well justified in spying on Keith Locke and would be acting irresponsibly if they were no longer doing so.

Our sister site KeyWiki has put up a page on Keith Locke here.

Read about Keith Locke’s;

  • Communist family background.
  • Locke’s 20 years as a leader of the Trotskyist movement in Canada and New Zealand.
  • Description of Pol Pot’s invasion of Cambodia as a “victory for humanity.”
  • Support for the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.
  • Trotskyist infiltration of the New Zealand Labour Party.
  • Support for Latin American revolutionaries.
  • Praise of nuclear power in socialist countries. Opposition in capitalist countries.
  • Locke’s support efforts for Filipino communist revolutionaries.
  • Anti-U.S. military bases activism.
  • Support for East Timorese revolutionaries.
  • Involvement, in the late 1980s, with the Soviet front World Peace Council.
  • Leadership role in Jim Andertion‘s Maoist and Trotskyist dominated New Labour Party.
  • Close involvement in the 1990s with Australian marxist-leninist group, the Democratic Socialist Party.
  • Involvement in the mid-1990s in founding Links, a marxist journal involving Australian, South African, American, Cuban, Nicaraguan, former East German, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Brazillian, Filipino and Trotskyist communists.
  • His involvement in 2006, with Auckland university’s radical Students for Justice in Palestine – an organization which has glorified Palestinian suicide bombings against Israel.
  • Locke’s support for 17 anarchists and Maori radicals arrested in October 2007, for allegedly running terrorist training camps in the Urewera Mountains.

If you were in charge of New Zealand’s security, would you be watching Keith Locke?


Canadian Left Builds Beijing Bonds

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

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From the Communist Party of China, International Department website:

Beijing, July 5— Minister Wang Jiarui of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met today with a delegation of the Liberal Party of Canada led by its leader Michael Ignatieff.

Wang said that the establishment of formal relations between the two parties has enriched the channels of communication and dialogue between the two countries. He pointed out that looking back at the past 40 years of bilateral relations, the most important experience is that political parties and politicians of the two countries should always grasp the development of relations from a strategic height and long-term perspective and view and solve sensitive issues properly in a friendly spirit.

Ignatieff said that the Liberal Party of Canada took great pride in establishing diplomatic relations with China and in forging a strategic partnership with China when it was in office. He hoped his party will continue to make efforts for the comprehensive, long-term and stable development of Canada-China relations in various levels through the regular exchange mechanism of the two parties.

The Liberal Party of Canada is the largest opposition party in Canada. Ignatieff’s delegation arrived in Beijing on July 3 and began its goodwill visit in China at the invitation of the Communist Party of China.