Financial News Update – 07/11/2010

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White House Admits GOP Could Take House Back… But, Will Stick With Failed Policies Anyway

It Begins… First Oil Rig Relocates From Gulf to Foreign Waters

Australian vegetables poisoned as police probe sabotage

Businesses step up criticism of Obama’s agenda

G20 looks to Beijing to drive global growth

Will Medicare Boss Bring U.K. Approach?

Struggling States Seek Funds From Gov’t

Harry Schultz on the Power Elite, Free Markets, the Internet and Why Gold Is Going Much Higher

Wall Street takeover creates army of ‘diversity czars’

Japan ruling party handed big defeat over tax plan (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)


Jimmy Rogers: ‘I don’t have investments in the UK’.

Disappearing Perk: Employee Stock Options

Americans May Be Slammed with Shocking Tax Hike

US Shopping Center Vacancies Approach Record High

Before The Bell: US Stock Futures Down Over Worries On Growth

Oil Prices Rise in Volatile Trade

European Banks are Worse than Wall Street

World Sovereign Default Risk Rose 30% as European Debt Crisis Deepened

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