Links To Visit – 07/12/2010

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The Jawa Report – Is North Carolina’s Samir Khan Behind New al Qaeda Magazine? Quotes Yousef al-Khattab (Updated, BUMPED)

American Thinker – Are You an American, or Do You Just Live Here? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Daily Mail – Taranis: The £143million unmanned stealth jet that will hit targets in another continent (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bookworm Room – Driving while Muslim or a terrible beginner’s mistake? – Poll: Who should get the Republican nomination in 2012?

The Daily Bell – Nullification – the Freedom Meme – Video: Patriots rising up against Black Panthers in 2007 – Democrats: Obama stole nomination in 2008

The NY Times – Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Hope for America – George Will: Obama’s Election Strategy Won’t Work (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Jihad Watch – Dozens killed in multiple bombings in Uganda, police chief suspects al-Qaeda

Jihad Watch – Iranian police rape and murder woman for “bad hijab”

Jihad Watch – Hizballah plotting on U.S./Mexico border

Jihad Watch – Obama Administration pushing Sharia in Kenya

Jihad Watch – Chicago hotel backs out of hosting Islamic supremacist pro-Sharia conference

Jihad Watch – Islamic cleric linked to jihad attacks in U.S. calls for murder of those who “defame” Muhammad

Jihad Watch – Former member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps: Iran will attack Israel, mullahs see Obama’s overtures as “sign of weakness”

Jihad Watch – Libyan ship heading for Gaza sponsored (in part) by… Barack Obama? – Democrats plead with Obama to stop attacking Arizona – Islamic extremist training cancelled in Chicago

Natural News – US opposes honest labeling of GMO foods (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Doug Giles – What If Glenn Beck Said, “I Hate Every Last Iota of a N—–! Kill Their Babies!”

Politico – SarahPAC steps into the big leagues (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

FSM – Exclusive: Necessary Secrets – Too Hot For The Press to Handle?

Atlas Shrugs – “Charismatic” Imam Issues Fatwa Against Seattle Cartoonist

Atlas Shrugs – Another Death Ship aka “Flotilla” Enroute to Israel/Gaza ….. Sponsored by Obama-funded Gaddafi Organization

Atlas Shrugs – Iranian Proxy Hezb’Allah Prepares for Dirty War Against the Jews — “Weapon Caches, Bunkers, Command-and-Control centers, Missile stockpiles and Stationed its Armed Personnel in Hospitals, Mosques, Schools, Homes”

Atlas Shrugs – John Bolton: “I Would Reverse All of Obama’s Policies”

The New Editor – A Texas Dem Shows His Power of Persuasion

The Radio Patriot – “I don’t know of anything that would be able to live through that”

The Radio Patriot – “BORDER” Film maker Chris Burgard today at noon

Gateway Pundit – Radical NAACP Leftists Propose Resolution Condemning “Tea Party Racism”

Gateway Pundit – Al-Qaeda Puts American Woman Behind “Everybody Draw Mohammad” Protest On Their Hit List

Gateway Pundit – Dems Now Allowing Angry Foreign Politicians to Dictate US Foreign Policy (Video)

Gateway Pundit – ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’: Democrats Produce Documentary Alleging Rampant Vote Fraud by Team Obama

Gateway Pundit – Figures. Black Panther Who Threatened Philly Voters Is a Credentialed Dem Poll Watcher & His Interests Include “Killing Crakkkas”

Gateway Pundit – Dem Governors Concerned Obama’s Unpopular Suit Against Arizona Will Hurt Them in Elections

Gateway Pundit – Obama Goes Golfing For 8th Time Since Oil Spill Began… But Will Send His Wife to Gulf Tomorrow to Check Things Out

Gateway Pundit – BOMBINGS IN UGANDA KILL 64 – Al-Qaeda Affiliate Suspected

Michelle Malkin – The U.S. Department of Social Justice

Michelle Malkin – Culture of Corruption: New York Democrat First Lady edition

Reuters – Russia: Iran close to nuclear weapons

The Washington Times – Obama at odds with Petraeus doctrine on ‘Islam’

The Daily Mail – Bomb scare on AIR FRANCE jet flying same route where 228 died last summer

AZ Family – AZ to abandon highway speed cameras

WSJ – Suspected Spies Disappear After Swap

Fox News – Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Sen. Franken Over the Top in Minnesota

Chosun – Obama to attend MI factory opening – for Korean company!

Reuters – Fidel Castro to appear on Cuban television, radio; Predicting nuclear war

The NY Times – New Jersey Governor Defies Political Expectations

Albuquerque Journal – 6 dead in shooting at Albuquerque office


Fox News – RACE CASE: Holder May Slap AZ With Profiling Suit

Kyiv Post – Russian lawmakers back boost to security service; Warnings to people ‘about to commit crime’

Fox News – Chicago Tries Hand at Another Gun Law

Fox News – Sudan’s President Charged With Genocide

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