Financial News Update – 07/14/2010

FOMC Says It Will Take At Least Five Years To Get Growth Back On Track

The 15 States With The Most Underwater Mortgages

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce To Obama: Give Us Stimulus Or Give Us Death

Whoa, Ugly Retail Sales Just Destroyed The ENTIRE Intel Rally

Here’s A Worse Fate Than China Dumping Our Treasury Bonds: Foreigners Buying America On The Cheap

China’s Top Gold Miner Gets Shut Down After Poisoning 2,000 Tons Of Fish

The Flat Tax Works — Check Out The Hong Kong Experience

The G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

We’ve Now Learned How The Euro Is Just As Disastrous As The Gold Standard

Italian Economist Warns Of Revolution By Unemployed Youth

Here’s Why Earnings Are Beating Estimates While Economic Data Flops

You Won’t Have Any Idea How Badly Our Stock Market Is Doing Until You Look At These Charts

John Hussman: The Market Is 40% Overvalued

Fed Warns Economy May Take Five or Six Years to Recover

Shocking Footage Of Nationalist Riot In Northern Ireland

Asia Slammed By China Property Threat As Europe Blows Off Portugal’s Debt Problem

Just A Reminder: This Is What $1 Trillion Looks Like

India May Ban All Exports Iron, Coal, And Oil

Nouriel Roubini Wants Stimulus In The Front, Austerity In The Rear

Another U.S. Leading Indicator Collapses…

What Warren Buffet’s Favorite Steel Company Is Saying About The World Economy

The Roots Of Economic Fragility And Political Anger

The Euro Crisis Is Just The Prelude To The International Dollar Crisis

Federal Deficit Blasts Through $1 Trillion, And That’s Just Through June

CHART OF THE DAY: Actually, Gold Isn’t Just A Worthless Rock

Is Spain About To Be The Next Big Downgrade To Hit European Markets?

‘More’ equals Less – Nevada listed as 49th Worst Economy in Nation

Will the Dollar Crisis Spawn Chaos?

Federal budget gap tops $1 trillion through June

Chinese rating agency strips Western nations of AAA status

Obama administration backs private twist to public housing

Reid warms to July climate vote

Uncle Sam: Generous to a fault

Senate to vote on financial reform Thursday (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Antitrust law is a chilling attack on docs — and a sign of things to come

Obama Gives Away More Of Our Money To Minorities (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Here’s What China’s New Credit Ratings Agency Really Thinks About America And Europe

21 Events That Could Jolt The Market At Any Moment

These Charts Show Why You Can’t Find A Job

12 Charts On The State Of The Global Oil Market

Look At All The Dry Powder We Still Have Lying Around, Ready To Explode During The Next Panic

ECB Chief Trichet Still Thinks Inflation Is The Key Concern, Calls For Breakup Of Ratings Oligopoly

Morning Bell: Cap and Ban

Senate Finally Moves on the Death Tax

Circumventing Cap and Trade with an Another Bad Energy Bill

Oh No You Didn’t!

Louisiana Losing Patience With BP, Government on Oil Spill Claims

Live From the Gulf: How Much Will President Obama’s Drilling Moratorium Cost? (VIDEO)

Bigger Government and More Spending? America Isn’t Buying It

IRS: We don’t have the resources to handle ObamaCare (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Reid: Cap-and-Trade to Senate floor by end of the month

Obama’s own commission calls him out for job-killing moratorium


Coming soom from the Democrats: The worst tax increases of 2011 (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

A NEW RECORD… Team Obama Will Likely Break $1.5 Trillion Deficit Record This Year

Obama Administration Approves First Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Under Obamacare

Another push for the Fishwrap Rescue and Recovery Act

Britain’s tax grab backfires

Heads up: Cap and tax showdown is coming

Bill Clinton back in the White House, holds economic meeting with Obama

Republicans propose cutting Obama budget

New Regulations Hit Farmers… Business Groups Air Concerns

Fed paints weaker picture of growth and employment

Venezuela oil ‘may double Saudi Arabia’

Congress to raise retirement age?

Fed Sees Slower Growth

Illinois Considers ‘Obesity Tax’

Berkeley to vote on marijuana tax

Steinbrenner Family Won’t Pay Estate Tax


Economic Disaster on the Horizon

Americans credit scores at new low.

Presenting The Wall Of Worry: The 50 Ugliest Facts About The US eCONomy.

Secret gold swap has spooked the market.

China to Fight Price Manipulation With Heavy Fines (Hoarding of goods will also be subject to fines of 2 million yuan.)

Stocks Surge After Alcoa, CSX Report Strong Profit

Job Openings Drop in May as Hirings Stay Weak

Market Slump Expected to Dent Profits at Big Banks

Chinese Rating Agency Strips Western Nation of AAA Status

Euro Slips After Moody’s Downgrades Portugal’s Debt Rating

Gold Bullion Sales Soar, Central Banks Stock Up

US Retail Sales Likely Down for Second Month

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