By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: DragonLadyToo

Well, well, well… Look who has been caught with their hand in the ‘progressive’ cookie jar… None other than the Department of Justice. They have cast off the outdated red, white and blue for a sleek black masthead with a really cool Marxist/Progressive quote:

The common law is the will of Mankind issuing from the Life of the People

Catchy, huh? Just one tiny little (too small to be relevant obviously) point – the quote is from C. Wilfred Jenks, who in the 1930’s was a leading proponent of the “international law” movement, which had as its goal to impose a global common law and which backed ‘global workers’ rights.’ Call it Marxism, call it Progressivism, call it Socialism – under any of those names it definitely makes the DOJ look corrupt in their sleek, new black website with Marxist accessories to match.

On the cutting edge of technology and counterterrorism, the site utilizes social networking sites to ‘interact’ with American citizens. Well, I for one feel all warm and fuzzy knowing the DOJ will be watching those ‘dangerous’ bloggers. Oops, I guess I’m one of them. You don’t think they would abuse their surveillance of us do you? If you don’t think so, I have some prime property for you. Just ask…

The quote at the beginning of this post is credited to Jenks, a man who made a place at the collective table for socialists and communists at the U.N., and inspired the global “workers rights movement.” Jenks was a long-time member of the United Nation’s International Labor Organization and the author of a number of globalist tracts, including a set of essays published back in 1958 entitled The Common Law of Mankind. Jenks also belonged to The League of Nations.

From The American Spectator (read the whole article – it is very good):

Most telling: Jenks, as director of the ILO is credited with putting in place the first Soviet senior member of the UN organization, and also with creating an environment that allowed the ILO to give “observer status” to the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and to issue anti-Israeli statements, which precipitated efforts by the U.S. Congress to withdraw U.S. membership from the ILO. The U.S. actually did withdraw in the mid-1970s due to the organization’s leftist leanings.

“It was Jenks’s efforts that helped make the ILO a tool of the socialist and communist movement,” says one of the DOJ lawyers. “We used to joke about how fitting it was that this was Janet Reno’s favorite quote to use in speeches, and now the Obama folks think it encapsulates out department’s mission.”

Suggestions to highlight quotes from the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights or quotes from the Founders, the Federalist Papers or prominent American jurists were quickly shot down by the Department of Justice’s media and new media teams, according to DOJ sources familiar with the design process, and the White House communications shop was given input to the overall design as well.

There you have it… Founding Fathers need not apply – who needs them when you have a Progressive/Marxist to lead the legal way?

Update: Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar – Department of Justice…or Something!