Do Communists Still Lead Missouri ACORN?

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By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Cross-posted from KeyWiki Blog.

Missouri ACORN disrupts a local branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank, July 21, 2010, with chants of “predatory lender, criminal offender.”

Notice the last few seconds of the video. A young Anglo woman in a black T-shirt is clearly a leader of the group.

This woman looks suspiciously like Missouri ACORN legislative laiason and Communist Party USA supporter Julie Terbrock.

Terbrock, like many Missouri radicals, moves around between organizations like ACORN, Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, Jobs with Justice, Health Care for America Now! and of course the Democratic Party. For a time, Julie Terbrock was Legislative Assistant to State Representative Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

Terbrock is one of several Communist Party affiliates active in Missouri ACORN in recent times.

For instance, 2005 chair of the Missouri/Kansas Communist Party education/ideology committee Glenn Burleigh, was St. Louis’ head organizer and political director of Missouri ACORN a few years ago.

Even in the U.S. heartland, the Communist Party USA is working to forever change America.

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