Financial News Update – 07/23/2010

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There’s A Huge Feinberg Announcement On TARP Banks’ Top 25 Execs Coming Tomorrow

Here Comes The Real Stress: Only 27% Of China Project Loans To Be Repaid In Full (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Financial Reform Meets First Huge Unintended Consequence As Ford Halts Bond Offering

Hey Ireland, You Are Doing Everything Wrong With Your Banks

Newark Enters Emergency Austerity Budget, Won’t Buy Toilet Paper For Government Buildings

Turkish Military Has Started Harassing Cash-Strapped Greece

Geithner Just Quashed Hopes Of A Bush Tax Cut Extension

The Chinese Bear Market Is Just About Dead

Initial Jobless Claims Of 464,000 Miss Expectations, Still Showing Labor-Market Stalling

No Wonder the Outlook for the Economy is “Unusually Uncertain” … the Fed is Killing It (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Donald Berwick, administrator of Medicare and Medicaid and wife gets free lifetime health benefits (Hat Tip: Curtis Frantz)

14 Charts That Show China’s Dangerous Housing Bubble Is Far From Over

Here’s How Germany And Russia Are Forming The World’s New Nexus Of Power

Britain’s ‘Extend-and-Pretend’ Property Time Bomb Is About To Explode

What You Need To Know About The June Housing Slide

Russia Is About To Slam A 60% Tax Hike On A Quarter Of Earth’s Natural Gas Reserves

Jobless Spending Fights Recession

Obamanomics 101: Failure Explained

Geithner: Taxes on Wealthiest to Rise

A Government-Spending Metaphor for Our Times

Reid backs down on Cap-and-Trade

Report: Obama owned by corporate interests

Biden: ‘The heavy lifting is over’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

‘Special Report’ Panel on the New Estimate for the Federal Deficit (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Astonishingly, The Public Option Is BACK (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Congress’ Food Tab: $604,000 for Bottled Water, $152 at Quiznos (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Residents warn of recall if council members remain (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Bernanke: Further Easing Hinges on Jobs

Unreal. Obama Touts “Enormous Progress” Urges Reporters to Focus on Broken Economy

Fed Chief Bernanke: We Need More Stimulus to Boost Economy & Reduce Unemployment

CBS Reports Obama’s Unemployment Benefits Flip-Flop

John Kerry Was For Taxes Before He Was Against Them: Thurston & Lovey Avoid $500k in Mass. Luxury Taxes

Seven EU Banks Fail Stress Test, Face $4.5 Billion Shortfall

China’s Banks Said to See Risks in Loans

Feinberg Says Companies Should Adjust Pay Policies for `Crisis’

Citigroup, JPMorgan Said to Have Sold AIG Protection to Goldman

Health Law May Cost Children Coverage as UnitedHealth Ends Plans

Canada Consumer Debt Signals Rate Increase: Chart of the Day

Glenn Beck: Reid — bailouts are GREAT!

China may move away from dollar as benchmark


NYC To Charge For Garbage Pickup On Top Of Taxes; Residents Furious

Checks, Checks, Checks!

2,000 show up at Tulsa food pantry; only 375 boxes of food

Bernanke urges Congress to renew Bush tax cuts

PAPER: The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon

Obama Changes Tune on PAYING for Unemployment Benefits Extension

Dems contemplate reductions in Pentagon funding

White House Backs Bill to Collect Employee Pay Information from Businesses, Establish Database

Broke Calif. Cities Target Cop Shops

Senate Passes $60B War Bill, Kills Add-ons

Congress Racks Up $600G Water Bill


Marc Faber expects a return to massive quantitative easing by October

China: The US is “Insolvent and Faces Bankruptcy”

Stocks Surge on Upbeat Earnings, Forecasts


Filibuster Broken, Jobless Benefits May Flow Soon

Jobless Rates Improve But Many Have Given Up Looking

The Retirement Nightmare: Half of Americans Have Less than $2,000 Saved for Retirement

Intrigue Builds in the Comex Silver Pits

Penniless Idiocy (The Mogambo Guru)

US Housing Starts Drop to Lowest Levels Since October

Fed to Push Rates Lower? Some Traders Betting on It

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