Neo-Nazi Group Patrolling U.S. Border

Hat Tip: Brian B.

Wow… Don’t focus on the threat to Arizona or other states. Go find the most wacko group you can and use that to intentionally smear people trying to keep illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and criminals out. The goal here is to paint tea partyers and regular Americans as terrorists. What blatant propaganda.

5 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Group Patrolling U.S. Border

  1. First off, i see nothing wrong and am glad someones ‘actually getting after it’.
    I watched the video, which by the way, was done by of the kings of bias, slander and misinformation CBS. The reporter was Steven Fabian of CBS NEWS – calls for a grain of salt don’t cha think ?
    interviewed was a J.T.Reddy who I didn’t hear declare himself as a Neo- Nazi, not once ! I googled him and found nothing on them except what Steven Fabian of CBS NEWS declared and excuse me if I use the word ‘AGENDA’ here but we just came out of the Shirley Sherrod/NAACP setup of Breitbart, Beck and FOX NEWS.. STOP acting like sheep and soon you’ll stop being sheep (sheep get led to slaughter)..
    “If we suffer ourselves to be frightened from our post by mere
    lying, surely the enemy will use that weapon; for what one so cheap
    to those of whose system of politics morality makes no part?”
    –Thomas Jefferson to John Sullivan, 1805.

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  3. Notice the CBS reporter stated that the group claims to be part of the National SOCIALIST Movement. That’s a far left organization.

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