CNN: Tea Party Ideology Is Racist, States Rights Is Racist

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Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

SaveOurSovereignty2 | July 24, 2010

Airing Date.July 25, 2010

This Ballentine seems to have an issue with the bill of rights and the constitution because that is what the tea party ideology is 😛

More of the same old, same old from CNN. Smear anyone who doesn’t agree with Progressives and the administration. CNN is marching in line with the other good little Obama fascists… States’ rights are what will save this nation if anything can. And the Tea Party activists are America’s best – they are the heart and soul of America and there is nothing racist about fighting a tyrannical government stripping you of your rights and our Constitution.

2 thoughts on “CNN: Tea Party Ideology Is Racist, States Rights Is Racist

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  2. Well, given that our new lexicon defines “illegal” as a race, so that, if you’re against illegal occupation, you are therefore racist, then it follows that if you do anything that enforces the law, you are acting against something illegal, and therefore also racist.

    With that in mind, the only people who are NOT racist are criminals and terrorists!

    Clearly, criminals are the only ones with the spine to violate the laws ordinary Americans just won’t break.

    So remember, the only way to expunge the racist hatred from your soul is to engage in some kind of illegal activity.

    Please contact ACORN, SEIU, or the DNC to find out what illegal things you can do to fight racism.

    After all, it’s for the children.

    ~~ AG

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