Financial News Update – 07/25/2010

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Instapundit – CHANGE: Running For The Door: German Giants Flee Wall Street. “With expensive accounting rules, an increased threat of litigation and hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for some firms, the once prestigious New York Stock Exchange and other American markets have become unattractive to Germany’s biggest companies. Daimler and Deutsche Telekom have fled this year and the few remaining are likely to follow.” (Hat Tip: ThirdWaveDave) Not good, way not good…

Van Jones: Stop worrying about the deficit. The government can just take more money from rich companies (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

China Calls Our Bluff: “The US is Insolvent and Faces Bankruptcy as a Pure Debtor Nation but [U.S.] Rating Agencies Still Give it High Rankings” (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

How Berwick will control your doctor and you (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Axe falls on NHS services (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Big Brother Gold Rush


DISASTER CONTINUES: Obama Administration Will Break Their Record 2009 Budget Deficit

Putting the tax in tax-and-spend liberalism

CBS Reports Obama’s Unemployment Benefits Flip-Flop

Germany Weighs New Tax on Obese

MOVE OVER, OBAMA: Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care

REID: ‘We’re Going To Have a Public Option’

China may move away from dollar as benchmark

Bank failure tally passes 100 for year


GOP Warns of Tax Hikes as Obama Slams Plan


Bernanke Says Extending Bush Tax Cuts Would Maintain Stimulus to Economy

Chinese Central Bank Outlines Plan To Ditch The Dollar As The Yuan’s Peg

White House predicts record $1.47 trillion deficit

Sales of Previously Occupied Homes Falls 5.1%

These 72 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go Parabolic to Between $2,500 and $15,000 Per Ounce Poll: Majority Believe Road Warrior Depression Coming

Nothing Was Sacred: The Theft of the American Dream

Economic Meltdown: The Final Phase

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