Financial News Update – 07/27/2010

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Don’t Worry About A Precious Metal Bubble, Worry About The Dollar

Banks Charge States Millions in Debt Binge to Fix Subprime Bust

U.S. Cities, Counties Poised to Cut 500,000 Jobs, Report Finds

Banks May Signal Trouble for U.S. Stocks: Technical Analysis

CHART OF THE DAY: Americans Have A Serious Household Net Worth Problem

David Rosenberg: You Know You Are In A Depression When…

Jim Rogers: The Stress Tests Were A Huge PR Gimmick And Now More Problems Are Coming

MAP OF THE DAY: Another Decade Of Summers Like This Will Devastate American Agriculture

Here’s Why New Home Sales Actually Missed Expectations

Another Double Dip Sign: Chicago Fed Says Economy Contracted In June

SHOCK! Offshore Drilling Moratorium Would Cost United States 175,000 Jobs Per Year Through 2035

“We call on all our sisters who are virgins”

Morning Bell: Let’s Not Make a Deal

The Economist on Overcriminalization

Age is Not the Only Number for Social Security

VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) Tells MSNBC Where to Cut

Chinese Investment: Danger or Opportunity?

The Spreading Chinese Inflation

12 Charts That Expose Europe’s Bank Stress Tests As Way Too Easy

How China’s Failure To Hike Interest Rates Could Signal A Run For Risky Assets

Course of Economy Hinges on Fight Over Stimulus

Fred Thompson: ‘Catastrophic’ If Bush Tax Cuts Not Renewed

Free Donald Berwick!

John Kerry Gets a Long Face When Reporters Confront Him About Taxes on the SS Rhode Island

Consumer Confidence Falls, Lowest Since February

Defense Dept. can’t account for $8.7 billion

Driven By Foreclosures, Home Ownership Falls to Lowest Rate in Decade

NDakota, Alaska lead job creation

“Everyone Must Sacrifice For the Greater Good” …Obamas Plan Three Vacations in August

John F. Kerry Confronted By Press Over Sales Tax Dodge

BP announces huge losses

Taking $10 billion tax credit for Gulf leak

Another gusher!

Town Drops Immigration Law — to Save $$

Fox Business: Home Prices Spike in May


The Scariest Unemployment Graph I’ve Seen Yet

U.S. may face deflation, a problem Japan understands too well

Uncle Sam has worse woes than Greece

U.S. Rescue May Reach $23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says

Geithner: Let Tax Cuts Die

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