Financial News Update – 07/30/2010

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Krugman: Here Are 3 Charts For Anyone Who Thinks The Economy Isn’t Terrible

Niall Ferguson: Empires Fall Abruptly, And The American Empire Is On The Brink

10 Companies Making A Killing After Laying Off Their Employees

The New Message From The Fed: WE ARE JAPAN

Rosenberg On The Cause Of The Next Secular Uptrend In Inflation Or Hyperinflationary Shock

America Wake Up: Deflation Is Here, We’re Just Like Japan, Except We’re Much Worse

This Is The Only Lecture You Need To Watch On Why The U.S. Is Just Like Japan

Drip By Drip We’re Being Chinese Water-Tortured By U.S. Deflation Data

Fed’s Bullard: It Is Time To Start Talking About More Quantitative Easing To Stop Deflation

There Are So Many Fake British Pounds In Circulation That England Could Be Forced To Reissue Everything

21 Reasons Why The So-Called Recovery Is A Joke For Most Americans

The Obama Administration Tries To Propagandize Its Way To An Economic Recovery

The Irish Leave the EU

Gingrich: Obama Repeating Mistakes From the Great Depression (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Chinese-American Investor Emerges as Likely Buffett Successor

U.S. Economy Grew 2.4% in Second Quarter, Below Forecast

U.S. Justice Staff Said to Urge Subpoenas for BP Managers

U.S. Stocks Fluctuate After GDP, Consumer, Manufacturing Data

Obama Making Sales Pitch for Auto Bailouts to Skeptical Voters

Iceland Says It’s `Far From Defaulting’ as Rating Nears Junk

Recession in U.S. Was Even Worse Than Estimated, Revisions Show

U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index Fell to 67.8

IMF Says U.S. Financial System May Need $76 Billion in Capital

Just A Reminder Of How Much Deleveraging Households Still Have To Do

Deutsche Bank: If The Bush Tax Cuts Go, Then The Recovery Is Dead In 2011

The 15 Metro Areas With The Highest Foreclosure Rates

Cities Warn Of 500,000 Job Cuts, If Washington Doesn’t Stop Local Fiscal Crises

Economists Expect Slower Growth in Second Half

ObamaCare flow chart unveiled

Iowa City man sues U.S. over health reform (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Guest Blogger: Why Civil Society’s Role in Trade Is Vital

Side Effects: Small Businesses Won’t Find a Friend in Obamacare

Federal Debt and the Risk of a Financial Crisis (Hat Tip: Brian B.)



SEIU Attacking Rival Union for Concessions

First in the Nation Referendum on Obamacare: Yes on Prop C

Andy Griffith’s new role: pitching health care law

Mexican Media Mogul Buys Fifth Ave.’s Only Private Townhouse

OMB nominee got $900,000 after CITIGROUP bailout

Snooki Knocks Obama’s Tanning Tax

GOOGLE, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

Dem rep bills taxpayers $73,000 for DVD of term’s highlights


Fed’s Bullard: US at Danger of Japan-Style Financial Crisis

Banks cherry picking individual foreclosures that show up on the MLS.

“A modern day depression” Rosenberg sees “tough slogging” for the economy.

Rep. Bachmann: U.S. Faces ‘Disaster’ From Financial Reform Bill

AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011

Tight budgets and fewer cops; time for citizens to ‘arm up’

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