The Council has Spoken 073010

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NoisyRoom and KeyWiki/New Zeal‘s Trevor Loudon are honored that we received the Council’s Award for this week’s non-council post – Socialist “JournoListas” from Watcher of Weasels. High praise indeed in the blogosphere…

Trevor Loudon deserves all the credit here. One of the hardest working researchers out there and a true patriot – one could not wish for a better and more loyal friend. Here’s to you Trevor! 8)

See all the award winners here. The Council has spoken.

Special thanks to Bookworm Room who nominated us – one of THE very best blogs on the web.

One thought on “The Council has Spoken 073010

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you for your tireless work to bring the truth to the American people. Without your investigative reporting, we would have no way of knowing the truth. Certainly our lamestream government-controlled media won’t bring us the truth. I’m grateful for all that you’re doing!!

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