Financial News Update – 08/03/10

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GM, Ford and Chrysler Sales All Lag Estimates

Critics Decry `Secret Deal’ as AT&T, Google Huddle With FCC

U.S. Consumer Spending, Incomes Unexpectedly Stagnate

Fed Likely to Pass On More Stimulus Amid Signs Economy Weak

Greece Passes First Deficit Test as Budget Challenges Mount

JPMorgan’s Masters Urges No `Panic’ as Commodities Unit Slips

U.S. Stocks Fall as Earnings, Economic Reports Miss Estimates

U.S. official outlines plan targeting firms, banks that help fund North Korea

Bill Gross, Investors Flee Deflation

Mishkin: Fed Balance Sheet Dangerously Too Large

Now That We Agree Deflation Is What’s Coming, Is Hyperinflation Right Around The Corner?

Look Just How Unimportant U.S. Manufacturing Has Become To The World Economy

All This Stuff About Bailouts Preventing The Second Great Depression Is Just Propaganda

Watch For Screaming When The Dollar Index Falls To 80.00

Why Must The Media Keep Trotting Out Greenspan And His Economic Lunacy?

$1.1 Trillion Has Now Vanished From Money Market Funds, But Nobody Really Knows Where It Went

Believe It Or Not, Freddie Mac Is Still Promoting No-Down-Payment Mortgages

Look At The “Crop Circles” High Frequency Traders Make When They Trade

Democrats use schools bill to try to salvage jobs effort

Riding a Tide of Red Ink

ObamaCare… New Chart

ObamaCare Loses Its First Challenge (Video)

Rep. Ryan pushes budget reform, and his party winces (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

More Regulation Is Necessary?

A Look Inside the Fed’s Balance Sheet (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Morning Bell: Another Victory on the Road to Repeal

Obama’s Bogus 8 Million Jobs Saved

Obamacare vs. Limited Government

The Shameless Medicare Propaganda Continues

AP: Reaganomics is the answer

House Republicans follow through on earmark moratorium

Are Insane Economics the True Opiates of the American People?

Islam and Shariah Banking

IT’S OFFICIAL: Barack Obama Is Worst Jobs President Since Great Depression

Media Mythbusting: Bush Tax Cuts Didn’t Work Well – They Worked Great


WIRE: Obamacare Only Looks Worse Upon Further Review


Philly Begins Rolling Closures Of Firehouses To Balance Budget

MAP: State debt per capita

Cash-strapped California considers legalizing sports gambling

Pending home sales hit record low

Oil prices approach $82

Stimulus Slammed: Republican Senators Release Report Alleging Waste

The 100 worst stimulus projects

Students paid with taxpayer money — to lobby for more taxpayer money


Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

Greenspan Says Home-Price Drop May Bring Back Recession

Four Deformations of the Apocalypse

Layoffs to gut East St. Louis police force.

America’s new debtor prison: Jail time being given to those who owe.

Oil Tops $80 a Barrel for First Time Since May as Equities Rise

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