Madame Antoinette de Excess

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By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Hat tip Instapundit via Frank Ross at Big Journalism

Do you suppose all the bad press she’s getting might bother her? Just a teeny bit? Her shrieking acolytes are gnawing on themselves over it. To wit, this comment from Media Matters (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one).

“The idea of comparing a royal-born dilettante to a hard-working, up-from-poverty First Lady demonstrates to me both the hatefulness and the desperation of the deranged.

The ugliness of their communications will continue to drive sincere, well-meaning Americans in droves to the President’s side.”


Here’s another one just for laughs…

It’s also inescapable that Antoinette’s infamy derives not only from her pampered cluelessness, but the fact that she got her F–KING HEAD CHOPPED OFF OVER IT. I’m sure that’s exactly what they mean to imply, to, although I’m sure that moron from American Spectator will remind us that guillotining a black woman doesn’t count as a lynching.

What WOULD they do without the race canard? It’s the only card left in their deck, which has never been full, if you catch my drift…

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