Are The Democrats Conflicted Or…

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By: Bill Hurst
The “Troublesome” Conservative

The Rise & Fall Of Socialism In America

One can only hope that his is the case and the majority of Americans will be heard by voting this November 2nd. Or is this “Conflicted” time for the Democrats just another layer of the old “Blue Dog” trick play. We have to remember this; they are all on the same team and will go into a majority huddle in Congress and when they come out, they will be swinging their big liberal axe and slash away at the Republic with more social-welfare spending programs. Here is a “news-flash”- government does not generate wealth. Government does however, take from those that do produce wealth within a free-enterprise system. Here is a little fable, a truism of the Democrats tax and spend programs, you know the one about the goose and golden eggs:

A man and his wife owned a very special goose. Every day the goose would lay a golden egg, which made the couple very rich. “Just think,” said the man’s wife, “If we could have all the golden eggs that are inside the goose, we could be richer much faster.” “You’re right,” said her husband, “We wouldn’t have to wait for the goose to lay her egg every day.” So, the couple killed the goose and cut her open, only to find that she was just like every other goose. She had no golden eggs inside of her at all, and they had no more golden eggs. Too much greed results in nothing.

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