Financial News Update – 08/13/10

Is this finally the economic collapse? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Keith McCullough: US Economy Near Point of No Return

Kotlikoff: US is Broke, Let’s Face It

Here’s The Story Behind The Irish Crisis Everyone’s Freaking Out About Again

Government Bails Out Bank CEO After He Expenses Mansion, Jaguar, And Porsche

CHART OF THE DAY: The Eurozone Crisis Returns

15 Economic Statistics That Just Keep Getting Worse

This Is Now Looking Like A Serious Euro Break Down

And Here Are The Photos They’ll Be Looking At In 50 Years When They Write About The Great Recession

Keith McCullough: Quantitative Easing II Is The Economic Collapse We’ve Been Waiting For

Morgan Stanley’s Butler and Tzolov Get To Keep $4.5 Million Bonuses After Committing Fraud

The Great Depression Looks A Lot More Familiar In Color Photos Than It Does In Black And White

DEFLATION’S COMING, Says Gary Shilling, And It’s Going To Clobber The Stock Market

Always A Bad Sign, Irish Leaders Are Back To Blaming The Market For Its Problems

Robert Shiller: There’s Now More Than A 50% Chance Of A Double Dip Recession

Time Figures Out Economics – Not!

The E.U. Rips Into Slovakia For Backing Out Of The Greece Bailout

The Emergence Of A New ‘Unemployed Class’ Reveals The Futility Of Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing

A road map to saving Medicare

Jobs picture dims as unemployment claims rise

African nations see pros to managing oil wealth without transparency

The Automatic IRA: A Conservative Way to Build Retirement Security

Obama’s Tax Hike: The Movie

Time to Reclaim Our Economic Future

US to pay big sums for Wall St tip-offs

Investors take fright at Fed warning

The Summer of Recovery… Or Not Part II

U.S. Retail Sales Rise Less Than Forecast, Confidence Firms

Hoenig Says Fed Zero-Rate Policy Reinforces Doubts on Recovery

NYC luxury condos seek financial backing of federal gov’t

Obama abolishes White House position dedicated to transparency

Sailors press Defense Sec. on money, cuts

Can Kansas save the American economy?

Philadelphia Housing Authority chief facing foreclosure

HSINO: The $600 million Homeland Security In Name Only bill

Spending FAIL Map

Louisiana Monks face jail time for selling hand-made funeral caskets


Is this finally the economic collapse?

Collapse In Internet Time

America Is ‘Bankrupt Mickey Mouse Economy’: CIO

Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It?

Major Leading Indicator in Free Fall

Stocks Retreat as Fed Grows More Cautious

Trade Deficit Widens to $49.9 Billion in June

US Dollar Falls to 15-Year Low Against the Yen

China’s Industrial Growth Slows, Inflation Jumps

Bank of England Warns of Rocky Recovery

Oil Falls Below $80 Amid Growth Slowdown Fears

Recession Causing a Banking Awakening in Tough-Hit Midwest

Many Shun Bank Accounts But Pay More for Financial Services

Gold Drops as Stronger Dollar Erodes Demand for an Alternative Investment

Housing crisis reaches full boil in East Point {Atlanta]; 62 injured

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