Financial News Update – 08/25/10

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Alan Simpson: Social Security Is ‘A Milk Cow With 310 Million Tits’ (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Why The WSJ’s Latest Report On The Fed Is Freaking Out Investors This Morning

Stiglitz: Europe’s Governments Are Stupidly Creating A Double-Dip Recession

Bill Gross: We Need Total Nationalization Of Housing, And I’m Not Just Talking My Book

It’s Clear: The Failure Of European Austerity Is Going To Be A Huge Story This Fall

The Best Line On Fannie And Freddie You’ll Read All Day

Massive Commercial Real Estate Loans Now Blowing Up In Ireland

UBS: Here’s Why The Euro Is Doomed

Peter Schiff: Bonds Are The Mother Of All Bubbles And Losses Will Dwarf The Stock And Property Bubbles Combined

Dollar Plunges As Everyone Now Figures Return Of Quantitative Easing Is A Done Deal


Stephen Roach: A Double-Dip Is Coming, We Just Don’t Know What Will Cause It

Hugh Hendry: World Food Crisis Coming If Asia Doesn’t Slow Down

Is It an Elite Depression?

Ebay, Adobe, EA Games Leaving California For Utah Over Confiscatory Tax Rate (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Obama Stimulus to Cost $27 Billion More Than Original Pricetag

Rosenberg: This Is a Depression, Not a Recession

America Won the Cold War But Now Is Turning Into the USSR, Gerald Celente Says (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Real Story Behind Existing Home Sales: It Was The Lowest Since 1996, And Inventory Is Now Sky-High

Depression-Era Manufacturers’ Association Slashes U.S. Growth Forecasts — And 350,000 Jobs Disappear

David Rosenberg: Prepare For Another 4-5 Million Job Cuts

The trillion dollar bailout you didn’t hear about – Commercial real estate values plummet again yet banks hide losses. A $3.5 trillion financial disaster in the making. We are now proud owners of an AMC theater and Chick-fil-A. (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Diving home sales stoke new worries about economic recovery

Los Angeles Public School Named After Robert Kennedy Costs $578 Million

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Energy Audit

A Real Debate on Spending

Opinion: USA a failed state? It may be closer than you think (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

U.S. Economy: Recession Risk Rises on Home Sales, Durables Data

Morgan Stanley Says Government Defaults Inevitable

SEC Approves Rule That May Make It Easier to Remove Directors

Obama’s Beltway Chainsaw Massacre

Big Labor’s massive new $88 million war chest + Marxist get-out-the-vote alliance

Bombshell… Colorada Dem Michael Bennet Admits: “We Have a $13 Trillion Debt & Nothing to Show For It”

“500%” of US Black Farmers Sign Up For Obama’s USDA Reparations (Video)

New Home Sales Sink To Record Low

UPDATE: Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes

More than 3M seniors may have to switch drug plans


Letter Re: Even Tony Robbins is Warning that an Economic Collapse is Coming

Rethinking Gold: What if It Isn’t a Commodity After All?

Unofficial Problem Bank List increases to 817 institutions.

15 Signs the U.S. Housing Market is Headed for Complete and Total Collapse.

Jobless Rate Drops in 18 States, Rises in 14

Gasoline Prices Should Fall After Labor Day

Stocks Slide as Investors Continue Sell-off

Fidelity: 401(k) Hardship Withdrawals, Loans Up

Investors Defensive With Data in Focus

Return of the Great Bond Conspiracy

World Stocks Slide on Economic Worries

This Economy is Ripping the Dignity of Millions of Americans to Shreds

Inflation Watch

Free Land: Build Your Homestead Without the Debt.

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