Czechs Tell Norks To Get Serious

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By: Radical Ron

Don’t be surprised if this decision ends up being smeared with either the ‘racists’ or ‘bigots’ label by the angry, intolerant, piss-ignorant Left.

North Korean ginseng offer refused

Ginseng is said to have libidinous and energizing qualities.

But the herbal root from the Orient did not have the same effect on trade negotiations between Czech and North Korean authorities.

At issue was a 186 million Kc [US$9,574,650 ed.] debt outstanding from a late 1980s deal for Czechoslovak trucks, trams and heavy machinery.

“We can confirm that a negotiation regarding the North Korean debt was held in July,” Radek Ležatka, a spokesman for the Finance Ministry, told The Prague Post. “Representatives of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea came with an official proposal to forgive 95 percent of the debt.”

Ležatka said the ministry found this proposal “unacceptable.”

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