Constitution Day 2010

Happy Constitution Day!

Choose Freedom: Ignore DC

There’s plenty of federal holidays for Americans to celebrate. On July 4th, there’s independence from King George’s England. On the first Monday in September, a holiday was dedicated to the “social and economic achievements of American workers.” Other days throughout the year celebrate autumn harvest, soldiers who died in the civil war and even a person who sailed to this continent nearly three centuries before the country was “founded.”

When there’s no federally-sanctioned holiday to call upon, protesters and activists across the political spectrum often pick “important” dates to schedule events to bring attention to their cause. We’ve seen protests on Tax Day, Independence Day, May Day, Earth Day, and more. And, in the past few weeks we saw great importance placed on days that doesn’t even have a letter in their name, 8/28 and 9/12.

But nowhere to be found on these great lists of “federal holidays” or “protest days” is a celebration of the document that defined the principles of liberty that this country was supposedly founded upon – the Constitution.

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